The Bair Family’

  Kent, Re your note in Trivia May 31st and the Bair family: We lived next door to the house at Poplar and Fifth – the Hoffman family bought that house and I remember them showing me a collection of pictures they inherited with the house that were taken by Mr. Bair of Cameron County […]

‘In Sympathy’

  I would like to express my feelings to the family of Maxine George, and in the past, David, Elayne and Mickey as part of the McManigle family. I now live in St. Louis. My sister, Miriam, is the mother of the above.

‘Give Small Business a Chance’

 I don’t understand what a handful of residents on Portage Street have against a family trying to make a living out of a new small business.   It’s too bad they didn’t live on Second Street when Cameron Manufacturing and Sylvania were booming.    

‘The G.E.D. Test’

    When I left Emporium 10 years ago I remembered to take the Echo with me and it lets me know what’s going on back home.  Two weeks ago, when the time came to read the news, I could never believe what it said; now, after all these years I could attend the “Alumni […]


  Good morning Kent: I read the Echo and also your popular column and after reading about the Whistling Plumber’s motorcycle, I started to think about the “Good Ole’ Days.”  I just talked to Inez Jordan, his daughter, about who bought the motorcycle! My brother, Bob graduated in 1945 and was drafted. His friend was […]

‘A Money-Saving, Job-Saving Suggestion’

  To the taxpayers of Cameron County: Recent news articles point to the facts that federal funding to education is decreasing so state educational funding to local school districts must also see a decrease in funding. According to the educational news from Harrisburg, PA districts could see a 9% budget cut for transportation as well […]


  Kent, I am writing in regards to the recent article that was printed in the Trivia section of the Echo. You wrote that my mother, Julia Cleary, who lived beside Luigi’s, was something like a mid-wife and helped with the birthing of newborn babies.      

‘The Whistler’

  Dear Sir: My name is William Cox Sr. I was born in Emporium in 1924. My parents’ names were Charles and Rose Prime Cox and they lived at 311 West 5th St. until 1957. I get the Cameron County Echo from Senator Joe Scarnati. He is a real good friend of mine.    

The Whistling Plumber’

  Dear Kent: I could never whistle and chew gum at the same time. After a lot of practice I gave up. I do remember the “Whistling Plumber”; everyone in Emporium knew him. His last name was Mitchell, first name maybe Lloyd, not sure.      

Hey Kent,

  Looking through the school records I found this little tidbit. Does it bring back memories? Glenn Gutgsell School Bands to Present Concerts The Emporium Schools Junior and Senior Bands are planning their annual Spring Concert, which will be held Wednesday and Thursday evenings, April 22 and 23. (April 9, 1953)  

‘Missing Item Has Sentimental Value’

    To whom it may concern: Somebody, while visiting my brother’s (the late Joe Yore)  museum, “The Cameron County Veteran,” took a military Kybar knife that belongs to me, Ralph Yore.    

‘West Ward School’

  Hi Kent: Regarding your question in the March 15th edition of the Echo, about the year in which the West Ward School ceased being a high school, I’m sorry I can’t help with that.   I am fairly certain that I do remember when the High School was constructed.    

‘Sizer Run Road Issues’

  To the Editor: I am writing this letter in regard to the condition of the road in Sizer Run. Let me begin by saying I am a camp owner at the top of this road. I am also retired and handicapped. The road conditions are at the point of hazardous for any vehicle traveling […]

‘First Automatic Transmission’

  Hi Kent: In 1939, General Motors developed the first fully automatic transmission and called it Hydramatic Drive. It was first sold to the general public in the 1940 Oldsmobile. GM chose Olds instead of Cadillac as Olds sold three times more cars at that time than Cadillac. It was a matter of economy of […]

‘Now is the Time For Repairing the Damage’

  Dear Editor: This letter is to bring attention of the condition of one of the roads in Shippen Township. Sizer Run Road, a township road north of Emporium has been all but impassable for six months. Late summer and fall of last year the township, with oversight by the Cameron County Conservation District undertook […]

‘Road Improvement Way Past Due’

  In 2005 we moved back to Emporium after living 40 years in Delaware.  We built our home on top of Sizer Run Road so we could enjoy what the Wilds have to offer.  Over the past 12 years Shippen Township has done little to improve this road.  They don’t seem to know how to […]

‘Not Keeping Costs Down’

  To the taxpayers of Cameron County: Has anyone visited, the Cameron County School District website, lately? If you have, perhaps you have seen the ad for the anticipated high school principal for 295 students. When I was on the Board, in order to keep costs down, we hired a DISTRICT principal to cover […]

‘Plenty of Family Events to Attend’

  Dear Editor,  Just wanted to thank our community for supporting the recent circus. It just tickled me to sit back and watch a gymful of kids truly enjoying some good, clean, NON-electronic fun!  I’m not sure if many realize that the proceeds benefit the Jr. Achievement Program that all elementary students have the opportunity […]

‘V8 Engines’

  Hi Kent: You are correct to pick Cadillac as the first car maker to introduce a V8 engine to the upper-middle class. It did so in 1915. It was a Flathead V8 of 353 cubic inches and made 95 horsepower. Oldsmobile introduced the Rocket V8 in 1949. It was 303 cubic inches and made […]

‘High School’

  Hi Kent, A wile back you asked when the high school was no longer in the West Ward. I don’t know, but I do know that it was before 1934. I’m not sure, but on the high school on East Fourth Street on the far east corner near the bottom, I believe there is […]

Dear Editor:

  Regrettably, some 60 to 70 percent of the Commissioners Meeting (regarding the local manufacturing industry) as reported by The Echo reporter was a figment of her imagination. The meeting was (in my opinion) a VERY cordial meeting with a lot of good comments/ideas emanating from both the commissioners and myself. All efforts were focused […]

‘A Salute to Our School Directors’

  Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly two million students and currently 577 are in Cameron County School District. Each one of those students has an individual story and a different path they are taking into adulthood. The roads to success are as varied as the students, but they are not traveling this path alone. Parents, […]

‘Just a Couple of Notes’

  The yellow police call light hung on a cable across Fourth Street from the Warner Hotel to the Hardware Store (now a carpet business). The yellow light was centered on the cable and had two lenses so it could be seen both east and west so the boro officer could respond to the phone […]

‘Still Home…at Least in My Heart’

  Letter to the Editor: I was born in 1940. With no hospital in town, I was given birth at my parents’ small apartment located in downtown Emporium. This little town is buried in the mountains. It is commonly referred to as the “Land of the Endless Mountains.” Some call it “God’s Country,” and that […]

‘Al Searfoss’

  I was in 6th grade at the West Ward School. Being an East Ender (Spring St.), we had to walk home for lunch. On the way back to school I stopped to pick up the bicycle my Uncle Al Searfoss had made me from parts he had.    

‘The Warner and The Police’

  I believe a few weeks ago the question was asked: “How was the Warner Hotel involved with the police”? The following could be an answer: In the 1950s my father, “Erg” Murray was employed as a boro police officer. Only the “Night Cop.” In those days patrol cars didn’t have radios so the only […]

‘No Tax Increase Thanks to Our Commissioners’

  My compliments to the Cameron County Commissioners! We are one of very few counties in the great State of Pennsylvania that did not impose a tax increase for the 2017 fiscal year (check out our surrounding counties). County residents, you should be proud of these commissioners and thank them! Consider the fact that in […]

Pin-Setting Memories’

  Hi Kent! Haven’t written in quite a while, so I thought I’d start out the New Year right. I first want to thank you again for what you have been doing. You sure have brought many fond memories back to everyone. Would like to tell all the other pin setters that I, too, set […]

‘In The Christmas Spirit’

  Bari and I just returned home from the high school where a delightful Christmas concert was held.  The young men and women from the high school and the girls and boys from Woodland Elementary performed beautifully in their respective concert choirs and concert bands.      

‘You Made Us Happy’

  Dear Cameron County Echo: Just to let you know how happy you all made me and our town with all the pictures of those darling children, and the adults, too.    

‘My Bicycle Story’

  Dear Kent, This is my bicycle story, prompted by my childhood friend, Rita Glasl Poorman’s story. I never had a bicycle of my own growing up. I have three brothers, Gordy, Jim and John Strycula and at some point they had or shared bicycles.  So I learned to ride a boys’ bike.  Ouch! I […]

‘Illegal Elk Kill Photo Information’

  Dear Kent, The following information was published under the Kempher photo of the elk and deer at Norm Erickson’s: “Pictured above is the majestic elk that was killed by a so-called sportsman in the Beechwood area last week some time.    


  I have a 1952 American Flyer that still runs well; also gave my 1954 Lionel to my youngest son,  who still runs it every year. I also have a 1960s Marx,  which runs like new.    

“Hi” to Everyone at the “CCE”,

  By the time this gets to you Thanksgiving will be over – do hope that you all will have had a very “Happy” one, with your families. I’m to be eating with family members (next door). Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings has been my all time favorite meal my entire life. When […]

“Its Package Team Time…”

  The Package Team is in need of addresses of Cameron County military, active or reserves, new or previous member, so they can send them an awesome Christmas package from Cameron County. Please contact Karin Schatz by phone at 814-486-0573;  text or call 814-512-0936; or email Even if you think she may already have […]

‘Veterans Day Thank You’

  The VFW and the American Legion want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who pitched in and made this past Veterans Day one that made us proud that we served. We know that there was fantastic cooperation from not only organizations but also individuals who helped us remember this day.  

‘Abriatis Softball Team’

  Enjoyed seeing the Abriatis Softball Team picture from Barb Grimone. One small correction, the first row Klees is Johnny, not Buck. Bucky Klees was John’s uncle and they worked at the Cameron County Press for many years, together with Jim Klees, Smitty, and Harvey Gribble.      

‘There Are Jobs To Be Had’

  Noted on the front page of the October 12th Echo that the county unemployment rate is 8%. Tragic! Why? When Sylvania’s product became obsolete and they closed their doors a new product came to town and it is nowhere near obsolete. Every car, truck and over the road vehicle is carrying somewhere between 20 […]

‘Bring Great Hunting Back To PA’

  Bring Great Hunting Back To PA by supporting House Bill #2083. If passed, it will make the Pennsylvania Game Commission and D.C.N.R. obey the new laws in the Bill. Back to:

‘Concerned About ATV/UTV Recreational Use’

  The Bucktail Watershed Association (BWA) is a concerned group of citizens united to promote wise watershed stewardship for property and stream protection in the Driftwood Branch of the Sinnemahoning and the First Fork.”  That sentence is the Mission Statement of the BWA and is the reason the board of directors has decided to oppose […]

‘Another Tag Story’

  I enjoyed reading the story of “Tag” – Joe Olivett’s bear. I would like to add a story about this “famous bear.” I remember taking Kathy and John to see Joe’s bear several times. I remember Joe had a rope strung from his cabin to the mountain where Tag would come down to eat. […]

CCHS Flamingo Flocking’

  As many of you may have noticed, throughout the summer, flocks of flamingos could be found throughout the town. In case you didn’t find out what that was all about, I thought I would shed some light on the fantastic fundraising efforts of the CCHS Drama Boosters and CCHS Drama Club.  

The Creighton Building’

‘ Hello: You asked recently about how the second floor of the Creighton Building got its name. The Creighton family home was on the east side of the large building which housed Schick’s drugstore, The Fashion (a ladies’ dress shop) and a bank on the first floor of this building; and on the second floor […]

‘Super Inflation on the Horizon’

  Dear Sir: After World War II, the nations of the world got together and agreed on a global monetary system with the dollar as its reserve currency. The only  country not to sign this agreement was Russia.    

‘An Unforgettable Experience’

  When Jack Krause flew into Emporium in that twin engine plane, as per his letter in last week’s Echo, I happened to be the only one at the airport. I went out to meet the pilot of this unusual craft.    

‘LPs From The Past’

  Hello Kent, In the early 1950s, the Emporium Hardware had a record department just inside the front door to the left.  They stocked the 78 rpm as well as the new LP 33 1/3 rpm, mostly Columbia Records 12-inch and some 10-inch.  

‘My Brother Mattered’

  To Whom It May Concern: On August 29, 1981, my brother, Jeff Russell, was hit and killed by a train, five miles north of Emporium.  There has always been speculation about his death; because of this uncertainty, I’ve never had closure or a sense of peace about his death. I am writing this in […]

‘No Place Like Emporium: The Magic Valley’

  Thanks for the mention in the “Echo.”  You got it pretty close. My dad worked for the Penna RR in the chemistry lab, and he rented a room in my granddad’s house (Charley and Mary Clark), where he met my mother, Cecil Clark.  They married.   He was wounded in WWI, discharged and went […]

Young Women: Know Your History!’

‘ Dear Editor: When I married sixty years ago, I could vote that November, thanks to the efforts of thousands of women who fought hard for passage of the 19th Amendment.    

‘Sizerville Memories’

  My memory isn’t what it once was, but I do think my sister, Mary Krause (later, Vogt) was a lifeguard at the Sizerville pool.  Her daughter remembers her being a guard at the school pool. So it seems we aren’t sure where she was a lifeguard. Our family of six kids (five boys and […]

‘Erg’s Airplane’

  Erg Murray’s airplane was an AT-6 nicknamed the “Texan.” It was an “advanced trainer” used before and during WWII. Erg’s model was an AT-6G that used a 650hp Pratt & Whitney, a 9 cylinder radial engine instead of the earlier 450hp. Erg’s N9644C was used in the Korean War and the leading edge 50 […]

‘Dental Trivia’

  Hi Kent, I know you will hear from a few about all the dentists, but I’ve got to put my two cents worth in. Dr. Lawrence Lathrop and his sister, Claire had the office on the north side of West Fourth Street between Pearson’s Dry Cleaning and the gas office. Dr. Gerald Burns’ office […]

‘Thank You, Emporium’

  Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Emporium and Cameron County for their kindness to me and for their support of the Bucktail Watershed Association and our invasive plant control program.


  Dear Editor: Due to recent inquiries about what ABATE is, please review the following. ABATE (Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education) is a nonprofit, safety, educational, charitable and advocacy motorcyclist organization aimed at promoting safety, protecting rights and helping others. ABATE of Pennsylvania maintains a staffed business office in the Harrisburg Area. Legislative affairs […]

‘Remembering Erg and His Aircraft’

  Your publication (several years ago), wrote of the story about the Army B6-A Bomber landing at the Keystone Airport for Labor Day celebrations reminding me of my Emporium childhood memories of a World War II “trainer” aircraft flown, I was told, by Erg Murray. Perhaps some older residents of Emporium could verify if Mr. […]

‘Automobile Tires’

  Hi Kent: Turns out your supposed antique car expert is right. I have seen lots of colored pictures of automobiles from the early 1900s and the tires were snow white. In the early 1900s, B.F. Goodrich started adding carbon black chemicals to their tires. They found it produced a stronger and much longer lasting […]

‘Great Olivett’s Memories’

  Dear Editor: After reading in the Echo about Olivett’s closing, I felt I had to write about one family’s ties to Joe Olivett’s Market.  I married in 1950, and we started buying groceries at Joe’s. Well, with the marriage came the family of 6 kids! Things were pretty tight, buying a home, etc.! We […]

‘Thank You Olivett Family’

  I would like to thank the Olivett family for giving me the opportunity to work for them in the early ‘50s. Joe was a great man.    


  It is important that we do not let Mr. Gerald Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, run as a Libertarian for President of the United States. That would take votes away from Donald Trump, and put Hillary in as President.  

‘Not Enforcing the Rule; Get Rid of It’

  I have some comments pertaining to the article Rich Summers wrote in his sports column a few weeks ago about the softball team.  I would like to comment about Rich Summers’ recent column pertaining to the CCHS softball team and the D9 playoffs  Hats off to Rich for writing his weekly column on high […]

‘Very Big Disappointment’

  To All: Thank you for the time and commitment you have all given our school and its students.  Sometimes, we as a community fail to see the hard work that goes into making an event such as graduation not only possible, but also successful.   

‘Band Day Connection’

  Emporium’s connection to the Penn State Band Day  was Penn State’s Band Director James Dunlop (pronounced Dun-Lope) who had previously been director of bands at Emporium High School (before the existence of CCHS).    

‘The Christian Center – Going Forward’

  So many have asked what will happen with the Christian Center after Rock and Sherri leave. Our close colleagues and capable ministry friends, Dave and MaryAnn Hockey will be working closely with the Keystone Conference of the Free Methodist Church in the months ahead.    

‘Heading Out’

  On a very hot evening in July of 1990, my wife, Sherri and I were having a rather difficult day. It was hot, and I was angry, so we decided to go for a drive. It was a drive that would change our lives forever!  You see, earlier in the week, some of the […]

‘What God is Our Country Following?’

  Our forefathers who made many sacrifices, many with their lives, gave us a Republic not a democracy form of government. (Remember the Pledge of Allegiance to the “Republic”?) We were given a Constitution which set the boundaries with the rules for running the Federal Government. When this Constitution was presented to the Colonies, it […]

Richard Evers

  (1928-2016) Richard Evers, 87, of Tampa, Florida, passed away (April 15, 2016).

‘It’s Time To Raise The Minimum Wage’

  Dear Editor: I’m happy to pay more than Pennsylvania’s minimum to the person who helps me keep my home clean and healthy. A person who works should be valued enough to earn a minimum wage of $15 an hour, but that’s not what some Republicans think. Some use that old chestnut that the number […]

‘Emporium Radio’

  Hi Kent: Your comments in the 3/30/16 Echo Trivia brought back some memories. Dave Carson and I were both announcers at Emporium’s first radio station, “WEMR.” More on that later. Kent, you are right; “WLEM” went on the air March 8, 1958; Bernie Erskine was the original owner. Jim Spotts was the station manager. […]

Country Law Would Boost Students To Theme Intimate Violation On College Campuses Fox 59

It happens to mass in the LGBT community,” aforesaid Dasilva.INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 8, 2016)– An Indiana lawgiver is stellar the care to scrap intimate assaults on college campuses.IUPUI undergrad educatee personify chairwoman Niki Dasilva has coupled with the integral pupil politics and campus resources to dungeon this uncomfortable conversation departure.Household Nib grand 105 volition assure […]

Country Law Would Boost Students To Theme Intimate Violation On College Campuses Fox 59

It happens to mass in the LGBT community,” aforesaid Dasilva.INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 8, 2016)– An Indiana lawgiver is stellar the care to scrap intimate assaults on college campuses.IUPUI undergrad educatee personify chairwoman Niki Dasilva has coupled with the integral pupil politics and campus resources to dungeon this uncomfortable conversation departure.Household Nib grand 105 volition assure […]