Out of the Mouths of Babes

  by William Crisp   As a parent who does some coaching, it is fair to say I spend a little time around kids. I guess I like them most of the time. I wonder if it is a coincidence that, usually, it is when they are quiet. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in […]

Local Students Participate in Potter County Conservation School

    Potter County Junior Conservation School recently concluded their annual week- long program. The program for boys and girls 13 to 15 years old, was established to promote awareness of our environment and the principles of conservation. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Wandering Aimlessly

  Still Wandering by Phil Burkhouse Three rebel family members toured their old homelands last week, and since they were into woods walking we did numerous morning and evening hikes.  Most of the hikes were in the heads of the Hicks Run and May Hollow drainages with occasional adventures in West Creek, and all areas […]

The Passion

  by William Crisp   This has been an interesting week. I love learning new stuff and generally I try to ingest a lot of different materials for fun. Recently, there was a class that said taking bath salt based drugs was bad for you.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s […]

PGC To Hold Extra HTE Classes Before Fall Seasons

    Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe said the agency is scheduling more basic Hunter-Trapper Education (HTE) courses for September and October so all new hunters can complete this mandatory course to be eligible to participate in the upcoming fall hunting seasons.     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this […]

Wandering Aimlessly Out and About

  by Phil Burkhouse   Last week I discussed our trip to the western states and included a picture of a hummingbird I took while in Colorado.  Our hummingbird is a ruby-throated hummingbird and is common throughout the entire eastern and central United States as well as southern portions of the Canadian Provinces. (Full Story […]

Marksmanship Season

  by William Crisp   I have worked for an outfitter as a guide and it was pretty fun… except for the guiding part. The outfitter would interview clients and ask them various questions about their expectations, hunting preferences and skills. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

PGC Recruiting Hunter Education Instructors

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission is looking for experienced hunters and trappers who are interested in becoming volunteer instructors for the agency’s basic Hunter-Trapper Education (HTE), Successful Bowhunting, Successful Furtaking and Successful Turkey Hunting courses, as well as future courses under consideration. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Mountain Lines

  by Nelson Haas   The Social Anthropology of the Whitetailed Deer Before the arrival of the White-Man to Pennsylvania, the white-tailed deer was revered by Native Americans. It provided food, clothing, shelter, tools, weapons and ornamentation for the forest tribes. When a native hunter killed a deer he would leave tobacco as a gift […]

Wandering Aimlessly

  Water, Topsoil & Mixed Northern Hardwoods by Phil Burkhouse   Mary and I inherited some wandering blood from our ancestors, and this summer our restless feet ended up in western portions of the United States—again.  We traveled with fellow Cameron County wanderers Rick and Pam Means from Driftmahoning and covered 7,643 miles in twenty-two […]


  by William Crisp   To be, or not to be? That is the question. What do we live for? There are as many answers as there are people I’m sure.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Elk Applications Deadline Aug. 26

    Hunters looking to participate in this year’s Pennsylvania elk season have until Aug. 26 to submit an application through the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS).  This can be done at any issuing agent or through the “Enter Elk Drawing” icon in the center of the agency’s homepage (www.pgc.state.pa.us). (Full Story […]

Wandering Aimlessly Summer Fishing 2012

  by Phil Burkhouse The two oldest grandsons are definitely hooked on fishing and are still going strong late into the summer.  In July they hounded the trout that had collected in the cold water at the mouth of many of our small streams and experienced limited success. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in […]

Rubber Chickens

  by William Crisp   During this season of travelling for vacation, it is important to remember that among the most underappreciated items in the world are inflatable and/or rubber animals. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Wandering Aimlessly

A Woods Walk With A Little Person by Phil Burkhouse   Cora Kathryn Grovanz is our youngest grandchild, and after three rambunctious boy grandchildren we finally got a rambunctious girl grandchild.  Cora is three years old going on fifteen and loves nail polish, jewelry, and most things pink, but she also has inherited a love […]

Fishing Mysteries

by William Crisp   We humans think we have everything figured out even though we keep screwing up. You name the subject and you’ll find more questions than answers. We’re not even talking astrophysics or quantum physics either. Meteorology? (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Trout Unlimited Meeting

  The July meeting of James Zwald Chapter #314, of Trout Unlimited will be held on July 31st, at the outdoor classroom of the St. Marys Middle School at  7 p.m.


  by William Crisp   My wife is not a native of Pennsylvania, as she grew up in Michigan. I was able to overlook that flaw because a large portion of her family migrated to Michigan a generation ago, from North Central PA and had remained in close contact with their roots.  (Full Story available […]

PGC Announces New ‘App’

  The Pennsylvania Game Commission today announced that GPS-enabled applications, or “apps” as they are commonly referred to, are available to provide outdoor enthusiasts easy access to a host of information about all State Game Lands. The app can be downloaded for most mobile devices through links on the Game Commission’s website (www.pgc.state.pa.us). (Full Story […]

Mountain Lines

by Nelso Haas   AMERICAN SPIKENARD American Spikenard, Aralia racemosa, not to be confused with the Far Eastern Spikenard, Nardostachys jatamansi mentioned in the Bible, is a native North American, plant. It was used by the American Indians to treat just about everything.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County […]

Wandering Aimlessly

Goatsuckers   Goatsuckers, also referred to as nightjars, are night hunters with a loud, haunting, ethereal song.  Legend has it that this nocturnal family of birds can sense a soul departing and capture it as it flees.  The goatsucker I have chosen to write about this week is one of my favorite songsters; the whip-poor-will. […]

Independence Day?

by William Crisp   The big news before our national Independence Day was the big loss of Independence the ruling elite took from Americans in the “Healthcare Bill.” The Supreme Court ruled that the Bill could stand and that among the more than twenty new taxes the Bill will levy, (the highest tax hike in […]

Mountain Lines

by Nelson Haas   Raccoons Somewhere on a Raccoon Map my house is circled in red with the notation: “FREE FOOD AND SHELTER.” (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo) So, no topic what platonic story you are studying, no subject what theme your theme is on, no count what […]

Wandering Aimlessly

Native Fishing by Phil Burkhouse The two older grandsons, Big Jake and Little Bear Wes, have terminated their academic endeavors for the summer and are now ready to expend all their energy they had previously devoted to homework and honing their scholarly skills to a razor sharp edge to another important educational milestone:  fishin’. (Full […]

Wild Things

by William Crisp   I enjoy growing things so I spend a lot of my time pampering plants. One of the projects I’ve got going are blueberries. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Doe License Process Begins July 9

With general hunting license sales underway, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe reminded hunters that county treasurers will begin accepting antlerless deer license applications from resident hunters starting Monday, July 9; and from nonresidents beginning Monday, July 30. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Wandering Aimlessly

  Lightning Bugs, Fireflies by Phil Burkhouse I grin when I hear an excited youngster suddenly screech out, “Look, lightning bugs!” Lightning bugs or fireflies are a familiar sight on hot summer nights and are a challenge and a delight for kids to chase around the yard and catch so they can watch their light.  […]

Nice Bass

  by William Crisp   ville, it came here. ‘It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. It even came without stocking, news releases and gawking. So I puzzled and puzzled ‘til my puzzler was sore, until I could puzzle no more’.   (Full Story available on the […]

PGC HTE Classes Filling Up

With schools on summer recess, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe is reminding all first-time license buyers to make plans to attend a Hunter-Trapper Education (HTE) course now.  Also, the 2012-13 licenses went on sale on June 11, and the antlerless deer license process begins on July 9.       (Full Story […]

Wandering Aimlessly Kill Deer

    by Phil Burkhouse   Two weeks ago I pulled into a large parking lot about three miles west of Emporium.  The lot had been covered with limestone chips and was in very nice condition.  I exited the truck and was immediately treated to a view of two birds that were each flapping around […]

Don’t Sack the Snake Hunts

  by William Crisp   As the pretext for today’s conversation I have to admit that I was part of a front line that used to like to drive nails with our foreheads as part of our relaxation time (football related concussions were not an issue then…   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in […]

PGC Adopts 2012-13 Hunting Seasons, Bag Limits

    SQUIRRELS, Red, Gray, Black and Fox (Combined): Special season for eligible junior hunters, with or without required license, and mentored youth – Oct. 6-12 (6 daily, 12 in possession limit after first day).     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Wandering Aimlessly

by Phil Burkhouse   I hate to date myself with this question but what trait do Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and the Eastern Phoebe have in common?  The answer, popping into the brains of birders who are also old sports fans, is they are all “flycatchers.” (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s […]

Deer Hunter Questionnaire

by William Crisp   Ah, the “good old days”; smog, dead rivers, endangered species… Oh, wait…there were a lot of deer. Even in the recent past, as few as seventeen years ago, much of the environment had enjoyed a huge bounce back and at the same time, as the story is now told around the […]

Understanding Fawns and Knowing To Leave Them Be

By Joe Kosack Wildlife Conservation Ed. Specialist PA Game Comm. It’s an annual chapter in nature that begins in May, peaks in early June and always goes largely and surprisingly unnoticed. But with time, the annual birth of hundreds of thousands of white-tailed deer has the potential to influence the lives of most Pennsylvanians and […]

Spring Gobbler Hunters Reminded To Report Harvest

  As the spring gobbler season ends, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe reminded hunters who harvested a spring gobbler to report their harvest using any one of the three methods offered by the agency. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Mowing Season

by William Crisp   Once during a hot summer three month training deployment within the United States, somewhere in North Carolina, I took a moment to poke my head out of the woods and look across a field of private property. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

Wandering Aimlessly

Where’s the Deer? by Phil Burkhouse Last week’s question asked you to compute the number of deer killed per square mile in Pennsylvania.  I stated the square mileage of Pennsylvania is 46,058 and last year’s “estimated” deer kill according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission was 336,200 animals.  If you divide 336,200 by the entire area […]

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