A short rain shower on Saturday afternoon didn’t spoil St. Mark’s 2nd Annual Parish Festival. Thankfully, the weather held out for the rest of the fantastic event, allowing the fun to continue for all throughout the day. Parents brought their children for lots of different games, including bingo, dunk tank, giant slide, and many more. Both young and old alike enjoyed the delicious food prepared by volunteers. There were walking tacos, hot dogs, beef on the wick, pulled pork sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, and pie and ice cream, as well as root “beer” floats and other flavored floats at the “saloon.” The smells which filled the air were amazing and lots of people commented on how nice the food was. Hayrides and pony rides were enjoyed by many all day, along with free target shooting and paintball. The latter consisted of a stall where people could fire paintball pods from their guns, aiming for targets and prizes. There were lots of happy faces as attendants won some great prizes! This paintballing stall was particularly popular and is sure to make a repeat appearance next year. In fact, event organizers have already started to source paintball guns and paintball markers using the information found on websites similar to to help guide them for the next Parish Festival event. Paintballing was not the only success though. The “Lego” movie was shown in O’Connell Hall to a captivated audience. Ultimately, there was something for everyone and the event was enjoyed by all!

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