4G Easy


by William Crisp


In my own opinion, one of the valued skills to be acquired by a hunter is the ability to be patient. The most patient hunters have the most regular success. It does take a skill set to be able to sit still and wait for days and weeks, waiting for that one shot at that one big buck. Or while still hunting; to move so slowly that it hurts-for hours, days and weeks. While I value patience, I haven’t achieved mastering it to the level I’d like it to be at.

Generally, on opening days and maybe for a few days or times after that, I will be on stand from sun up to sun down. If the conditions are right (once, maybe twice a season) I put on what I consider a true still hunt. Then, in between those times, I come down for lunch, socialize, participate in fast paced drives or walk through the woods at a comfortable pace just hoping to get lucky. 


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