Accessorize Your Merchandise



Guns and women; what do they have in common? Both enjoy accessories. So, you don’t have to buy another gun, instead you can accessorize the one you have. I don’t want to get carried away with the idea of just one gun though. You should certainly have more than one because if you use them they are tools and you have to have the right tool for different jobs. You can, but you shouldn’t, hunt crow with a pistol, deer with a light side by side, nor pheasants with a 30.06; just as you shouldn’t crank on a Philips head screw with a flathead drive; or carry a white purse after Labor Day, so to speak.

Today, with the increased varmint hunting opportunities out there we can really extend hunting season. Varmint hunting has refreshingly few layers of regulations, although they are still combined with the traditional amount of regulatory ambiguity. Regardless, we’ve entered an age where one can use some pretty cool options for hunting varmints.


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