ATV Association Addresses Rumors About the Proposed Trail System


The Cameron County ATV Association would like to address some of the many rumors and accusations that have been recently published about our non-profit organization.  

First, we are not proposing to have every road in our county open for ATV use.  We are only asking for five already existing township roads that will connect Emporium to Sterling Run, Driftwood, and Sinnemahoning.  Despite some of the recent misinformation, we will absolutely not be opening any new trails or creating any trails through environmentally sensitive forest areas.  

The Cameron County ATV Association feels that it is completely reasonable to allow families in Emporium and throughout the county the ability to access these places and the businesses located within while using a legally licensed all-terrain vehicle.  Residents are already required to have a license plate and insurance on their machines.  Helmets must be worn by all riders on the proposed trail.  Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and obey all posted speed limits and road signs.  



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