by Bill Crisp


Recently, I took a hunting walk with my dog, Delta. After years of work, Delta finally has me trained. When we go hunting, I don’t bring my gun. If I do bring my gun, she won’t hunt but she loves to hunt when I’m unarmed. So off we went into the woods and fields in pursuit of quarry that we’d never catch.

It was a beautiful October day with dapples of sunlight pooling on the slightly crunchy ground. The smell of old apples and withering leaves filling the air. You know it may seem a little lame hunting without a gun for my dog (and it is) but Delta isn’t all wrong. There is something about the autumn landscape that is good for the soul, with or without a gun. I stopped and looked at the barrel grass now withered and bent in the breeze.


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  1. Ethiem says:

    Looking for the picture of the Elk in the Echo Octiber 12

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