Bail Lowered In DUI Vehicular Homicide Case



by Amanda Jones

Echo News Editor

A bail modification hearing held last week paved the way for a local woman to be released from jail after 19 months of incarceration while awaiting trial on charges including vehicular manslaughter.

Kaitlin (Crosby) Wolfel, age 23, of Austin, appeared last week with her attorney, Gary Knaresboro, for a bail reduction hearing in front of Judge Richard Masson.

Wolfel’s bail was modified from $50,000 straight cash to $30,000. The new bail amount was met shortly thereafter through a $5,000 payment and a $25,000 surety bond.



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  1. Joe Allen says:

    She should not be able to get out of jail at all the broke both legs one person and killed another speeding up a road drunk and on drugs a road my parents live and walk on everyday this could have been my parents she hit or some other older couples that walk on that road. She should get life in prison without parole. Come on now she thought she hit a deer!!! It would have been different if she was sober and it was just a bad accident but she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I think the bar tender should be accountable for her actions to. Just my opinion.. thank you

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