Bird’s Eye View



by Randy ‘Bird’ Horning

There was not a lot to report on this week at the Emporium Country Club. The weather has again been fantastic for this time of year.

Sunday was the Worst Pin Tournament.  The pins were placed in the most difficult positon on each green and we had to use two drives per player. First place went to the team of Joe Hough, Pat Clemente (for you Pirate fans, he is not related), Pat Lewis and Dick Lion (62); second place went to Brett Kelley, Jim Thomas, Gene Ray and Jaime Kelley (64); third place went to Harry Jones, Matt Grimone, Ken Scoff and Mike Thomas (64); fourth place went to Mike Keefer (the pro), Mike Agliardo (the assistant pro), Dave Smith and Carky Carlson (64); and fifth place went to Larry Grimone, Jamer Cooney, John Malizia and Mick Fapore (65).  Congratulations to Matt Grimone, who won the 50/50 card game.


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