Blood Drive Exceeds Goal



The American Red Cross Blood Drive was held at Emporium American Legion Post 194 on Thursday, April 12th, with 36 productive donations and five deferrals.  Goal for the day was 30, so they had a very good day!

Congratulations go out to the donors who received milestone pins:  Robert “Bunny” McLean received a 21 gallon pin which equates to donating 168 times in his life so far.  Judy Erskine – a 15 gallon pin, 120 donations; Denny Grasser and Elaine Malizia – 10 gallon pins, 80 donations each; Scott Schloder – nine gallons, 72 donations; Mark Abriatis – seven gallons, 56 donations; Craig Doud – three gallons, 24 donations; and Danielle Hopwood – two gallons, 16 donations.

Thanks so much to all of our faithful and regular donors.

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