Burglary Charges Bound Over To Court



by Amanda Jones

 Echo News Editor

Two Elk County men will face burglary and related counts after they allegedly forced their way into an Emporium-area home to demand repayment of a few hundred dollars.

Michael Paul Knepp, age 40, of Dagus Mines, and Matthew John Meholic, age 26, of St. Marys, are two of three men alleged to have entered into the home on Old West Creek Road in Shippen Township to collect on a past debt owed by one of the residents. The identity of the third man remains unknown at this time.

A victim, who stated he owes $425 to one of the men but told the individual he was not welcome in his home, was reportedly in his bed recovering from a hospital stay when the men illegally entered the home and threatened bodily harm upon residents if the money was not repaid.


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