Cameron Co. Voters Now In New District



by Amanda Jones

Changes to the Congressional District map in Pennsylvania following court action puts Cameron County residents into a new district.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania contains 18 congressional districts, and residents in northcentral Pennsylvania were previously split between the 5th and 10th districts, represented by Congressmen Glenn Thompson (R-Bellefonte) and Tom Marino (R-Williamsport), respectively.

However, recent court decisions have shifted those districts, and renamed them. Potter, Clinton and a portion of Centre counties move into the former 10th district, now the 12th. The former 5th district, which includes Cameron County, is now the 15th district.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling January 22 that negated the state’s congressional district map due to the court’s finding that the map constituted an “illegal partisan gerrymander.” In February, a remedial map was adopted for use in elections scheduled for 2018.

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