Cameron County Experiencing Share of Flu Epidemic


by Bruce Whitman

Cameron County and the surrounding region have not escaped the ravages of the 2017-18 flu epidemic, unfortunately.

Whilst no deaths have been directly linked to the flu, activity at region hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices has been high. This suggests that more and more people are beginning to feel the impact of the flu.

The number of flu cases across the nation have been at their highest rates in the last decade, so it’s not surprising that this epidemic is spreading quickly. This virus is spread by someone with symptoms coughing or sneezing near other people. That’s how so many people end up getting the flu.

With airborne viruses, it’s important that people try to keep themselves safe by limiting their time in heavily congested public areas. If that’s not possible, it might be worth investing in an earloop procedure face mask to prevent yourself from inhaling the virus. The same goes for people with the flu. By wearing a mouth covering, it should reduce the chances of spreading this flu on to other people. There are steps that all members of the public can take to try and avoid the negative health impacts caused by the flu. /p>

Whilst there are flu vaccines available for the public, unfortunately, the available flu vaccine this season has not been doing an effective job of preventing illnesses. This is why Cameron County and the surrounding region has been experiencing the flu epidemic. With a vaccine that doesn’t work, there are few ways to really prevent yourself from getting the flu.

The overall effectiveness of this current vaccine is running about 36 percent. This is a low statistic. However, one nasty strain, H3N2, has proven to be effectively treated by the current vaccine about 25 percent of the time.

The public should try and stay self-aware at all times to ensure they don’t spread the virus if they notice they have symptoms.


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