‘Cole Hospital System is The Best’

Dear Editor, First of all – you do not have to go to big city hospitals all the time for your care. I would like our area – Cameron and Potter counties – to know what a fabulous caregiver system/hospital we have in “Cole Care and Cole Hospital.” I have told many individuals over the […]

Strong Women Exercise Class.

Strong Women Exercise Class The Strong Women exercise class at Memorial Hall will begin again Tuesday, Sept. 4. Times are Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Please come 10-15 minutes early to register and bring a towel along with a bottle of water. Any questions, call Eileen 486-0173.

Country Blessings

  Several volunteers are still needed in order to maintain Country Blessings at its customary level. Beginning Aug. 29, hours will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Hours will return to normal (noon to 5 p.m.) on October 3. This week’s sale: Belts and Ties $1.00.

Firewood Permits at the Park

  Sizerville State Park currently has firewood permits available for sale. These permits are for dead and downed white ash trees on a portion of the snowmobile trail between E. Cowley Run and Crooked Run Roads. Each permit is good for one cord of firewood for personal use only and will be valid from September […]

Shaffer, Farren Earn College Scholarships

  Recently the Elk County Community Foundation awarded two scholarships to students from the Cameron County High School (CCHS). Ariel Farren received $500 from the Gladys Schultz Memorial Scholarship. Adam Shaffer was the recipient of the Blair Hornung Scholarship for $500. Ariel is the daughter of Mark and Heather Farren. She is attending Gannon University […]

Manor Minute

  It looks like fall is just around the corner and at the Manor we are busy planning for the upcoming months. The residents are looking forward to cooler temperatures and fun activities. On Saturday, September 1st, the annual quarter yard sale will be taking place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. All monies raised […]

All Fired Up Sept. 22nd

  The annual All Fired Up and Kickin’ Ash BBQ Competition is sparking interest with a new category. This year on Saturday, September 22, competitors have the opportunity to take home $500 cash when they wow the judges with mystery meat! Competitors will be presented with the meat to prepare at 9 p.m. Friday night. […]

Sizerville Pool Open For Labor Day

  Sizerville State Park’s swimming pool is closed on weekdays. The pool will be open weekends and Labor Day normal operating hours, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pool will close for the season at 7 p.m. on September 3rd. As always, the pool is open weather permitting; if you are not sure, call the […]

September Senior Center Happenings

  The Emporium Senior Center has many informative and fun activities coming up in September. All are welcome to attend. Monday, September 3rd – Closed for Labor Day. Sunday, September 9th – 3rd Annual Open Mic Baked Potato Bar at 1 – 5 p.m. Monday, September 10th – Free Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar Screenings from 11:30 […]

American Legion Fishing Derby

  The 2nd Annual American Legion Post 194 Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, Sept. 1st, starting at 7 a.m. and ending when you’re tired of fishing. The Derby will be held at Lake Clear Creek in Emporium. This year the proceeds are going to benefit the Cameron County Youth Air Rifle Team and the […]

ABATE Fundraiser

  Endless Mountains Chapter 34 ABATE of PA will hold a fundraiser, Endless Mountains Jam, on September 8th at the Cameron County Fairgrounds. The event is open to the public and is $15 per person presale, $20 per person at the gate. Tickets include admission, primitive camping, and entertainment. Gates open at 10 a.m. and […]

‘This Event Will Probably Die’

  Kent, Just got back from paddling about 300 miles in Florida and am catching up on my newspaper reading. Reference your article in the 3/14 Echo. The canoe event actually started in 1972 with a group of local paddlers. Then in 1974 it became a “REAL” race – trophies and all. I’ve paddled all […]

‘Point; Counterpoint’

    In general, whenever a valid point is made there is often an equally valued counterpoint. So if that seems to be an intro to a few issues I want to address, you will understand that my intention is not to belittle another person’s point of view. So, when it comes to conservation issues […]

‘Memoirs of West Ward Elementary School’

  I so enjoy Kent Riegel’s Trivia column, as he brings to mind, for me, precious memories of Emporium. In his March 14th column he poses a question regarding who the teachers were at West Ward Elementary. I can proudly say that I remember them well. During my years in the first, second, and third […]

‘What Happened to Easter?’

  We wonder what happened to our town, so what happened to Easter? Gone are the days when we wore pretty dresses to church (no pants) and hats and gloves. Little girls wore a new outfit with a bonnet to Sunday School. I still have my mother’s pink hat!  

‘A Little of This and That’

  It is interesting to note from Kent Riegel’s column that he lived behind the Taggart home, which was shown in your January 10th edition. He questions who lived in the Taggart home, stating when he lived behind it a Mrs. Van Wert occupied the home. I don’t know when that was. In the early […]

Hunting With Phil’

‘ The Cameron County Echo on its back page features two exceptional outdoor writers. But as knowledgeable as they are and as well as they write, I just can’t seem to grasp their self educated and proven modes of hunting. It’s sorta like the same problems I had with chemistry and physics. But with that […]

‘Emily Johnston’

  (The following letter was received in response to a recent Trivia article mentioning Emily Johnston.) My name is Kent Johnston and I lived on Broad Street in Emporium, PA from 1954 to 1972. I remember Emily and her family, Bruce, David, and Margaret. My oldest brother, Bruce, I believe, was named after your dad. […]

‘Ice Skating’

  Kent,  Back in the day, we used to ice skate in West Creek in the area of Gresimer’s, Stampee’s and Mueller’s. I believe Snook Towner lives in one of those homes now. We were playing crack the whip and I was the end of the line. Jan (Sub) Ostrum (he was a big guy) […]

‘Trivia Catch-Up’

  Getting caught up on Kent’s Trivia questions. When I worked at Sylvania I remember the smell of bananas.  Also, the story about the Hokey Pokey man gave me the best laugh in quite a while. And finally, I agree with the school board on no activities on Sundays

‘Beer Distributor’

  Hi Kent, Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the beer distributor you mentioned was the one operated from the West End of town by the twin Jones brothers. About the “E” and sweater:  

‘No Need to Worry About Your Rights’

  I just don’t get it. Why this angry tirade. Or perhaps more descriptive words would be, why this totally unbridled outburst. I mean it was so unexpected from a person I’ve known and worked with starting more than twenty-five or so years ago. I mean Mr. Crisp always seemed even tempered, had an easy […]

‘Memories With My Pop at West Ward School’

  Dear Kent, I am Charlie Cessna’s granddaughter and have written before about the pie Lena, my godmother made at the Cabin Kitchen. I spent a lot of time at West Ward School with my grandfather and sometimes my grandmother came along. As I got old enough to help, I emptied waste baskets and also […]

‘Hunting License Fee Increase Must Be Granted’

  It just hasn’t had the desired effect that we had hoped for. The PA Game Commission was not going to be held hostage by our punitive action in withholding a general hunting license increase. So, they’ve managed to hang tough, they tightened the belt, they cut back on pheasant production, they laid-off 14 good […]


  Hi Kent, In a recent Echo you mentioned G.T. Curry being a coach in ‘41. Paul Civits was his assistant. I believe ater this year both Curry and Civits resigned and went to work for Sylvania. I believe it was either ‘40 or ‘41 was the last year there was a gym exhibition under […]

‘Remembering My Beloved Hometown’

  Dear Editor and CC Echo staff, I continue to be thankful for my subscription, as you keep me in touch with my beloved hometown. I miss it so much, and don’t know when I will return – perhaps for my next class reunion. It would be my 60th!!      

‘How Much Outrage is Enough?’

  This letter is in response to my good friend and neighbor, Ed Tartaglia, who asks, “Where is the Outrage”? The answer is everywhere. You cannot watch TV, read a newspaper, or surf the internet without seeing outright hatred for President Trump.  You’re seeing it with rioting and demonstrations across the country. It started the […]

‘Honoring Our First Responders’

  “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13).   Catholic School’s Week is celebrated every year at the end of January and we are inspired and humbled by this year’s theme, “Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed”!  We cannot celebrate our school without celebrating the people in […]

‘Memories of Emporium in the ‘60s’

  I’ve been regularly reading the Echo for the past 5 years since Mom moved in with us in Florida.  I especially enjoy reading about relatives and classmates, the trivia column, and excerpts from the Cameron County Press. Regarding pinball machine discussion.  In the early ‘60s, Luigi’s always had one and it cost a nickel […]

‘The Cameron County Project’

  Dear Residents and Friends of Cameron County, Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” I don’t know about you, but to me, that is what community is all about – coming together for the good of our town, our county, and our neighbors. That is […]

‘Facts About Feral Cats’

  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals: each year 860,000 cats are euthanized in U.S. Feral cats live in colonies. Their life expectancy is two to three years but could be 10 years if fed. They could have four litters per year of four to six kits. Thirty-six to 60 percent […]

Without You We Could Not Do It’

  Cameron County SPCA wishes to thank everyone for their support of our organization throughout the year.  For those of you not familiar with our organization, we have a small kennel located at the end of South Mountain Road in Emporium. Our kennel consists of a hallway with a row of holding pens for dogs, […]

Edward Lundberg

  (1925-2018) Edward Bernard Lundberg, longtime resident of Emporium, died Saturday (Jan. 20, 2018) at the age of 92.  

‘God Bless Our Animals and Keep Them Safe’

  This letter has to do with the one that was in the Echo from the Cameron Co. SPCA stating that most cats do not need to be taken indoors during our terrible freezes because they are feral. Isn’t that amazing, when all other animal shelters in all areas, on all news stations, and on […]

‘The Inevitability of Change’

    Change. It is something that occurs every minute of every hour of every day.  Whether you notice it or not, change is a powerful force that cannot be stopped.  At times, that change is negative and at times it is positive.  Some people resist change for different reasons.  Others accept change as inevitable, […]

‘Questions Answered’

  Dear Amy McNarney Huot, Thank you for your interest in the Cameron County ATV Association!  We would love to answer all of your questions.   Our press releases are signed by the Cameron County ATV Association and not an individual because our board members must collectively approve all public statements.  That is in our […]

‘Questions Answered’

  Dear Amy McNarney Huot, Thank you for your interest in the Cameron County ATV Association!  We would love to answer all of your questions.   Our press releases are signed by the Cameron County ATV Association and not an individual because our board members must collectively approve all public statements.  That is in our […]

‘Vote ‘Yes’ to Pass Referendum’

  Dear Editor, Voters will have the option of passing a referendum on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The referendum will amend the Pennsylvania Constitution allowing the state legislature to enact legislation to enable local municipalities and/or school districts to exclude up to 100 percent of the assessed value of a home from taxation. The referendum would […]

‘Nailed It’

  My very first issue of the Echo appeared in my rural mailbox yesterday. And, too, that good fortune was further enhanced by a fine letter to the editor penned by what surely seems to be an astute and polished author.  Her letter questioned the shortcomings of the leadership of what is known as the […]

‘Power Plant Explosion’

  The following information and letter about the Power Plant explosion was submitted by Jr. Murray. The Cameron County Press headline at the time of the explosion was: “3 Die in Power Plant Explosion Monday – First Fatal Accident in Company’s History.” Jr. copied a letter from his grandmother, Frances Murray, which he hopes our […]

SENIOR NIGHT – Senior members of the Cameron County High School Red Raider Marching Band will be recognized during halftime at the varsity football game October 20th. Shown, front row (l to r) Lilliana Bailey, Meghann Crosby, Cam Ramsey, Lia Inman, Marrisa Doud, Lexi Newton and Amily Schatz. Back row: Abigail Rowan, Dean Johnson, Lacey […]

Enjoyed Phil’s ‘Dy-No-Mite’ Series

  Dear Mr. Burkhouse, Please know that I truly enjoyed your series, “Dy-No-Mite” recently published in the Echo. Mostly because my grandfather, Charlie Clark, was very involved. Not in that particular explosion, since he had long passed away, but one I believe occurred in the very late thirties or very early forties. However, I vividly […]

The following letter was sent to the Cameron County Board of Commissioners and the Emporium Borough Manager.

  Dear County Commissioners: As individuals and organizations dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by off-highway vehicles (OHVs), we are writing to urge you to reject any proposal that would increase OHV access to the roads of Cameron County. Allowing OHVs to use public roads suggests to the public that roadway riding is a […]

‘Check Where the Facts are Coming From’

  I read the article rumors about the proposed trail system. What I see daily and experience and have experienced counters any good intentions.   I am not against ATVs, there are many acres in Cameron County and surrounding counties to ride them. Why in my front yard? I have experienced ATV damage to my […]

‘A Few Interesting Facts About the Explosion’

  Hi Phil,  Always enjoy your column.  The history of the explosive industry in Cameron Co. is interesting. I remember getting ready for work (I lived with my parents on Laurelwood Court in South Park) at Sylvania the morning of the last explosion, January 7, 1957 at 7:14 a.m. I stood in front of the […]

ATV Association Addresses Rumors About the Proposed Trail System

  The Cameron County ATV Association would like to address some of the many rumors and accusations that have been recently published about our non-profit organization.   First, we are not proposing to have every road in our county open for ATV use.  We are only asking for five already existing township roads that will […]

Noise In Town’

I read the letter in the paper about the noise in town and on Carson Street. Just think of how nice it is by the old Sylvania building as there is no noise and now there is lots of parking downtown. If people keep it up, we will not have what little there is left […]

‘Think About the Pros and Cons’

I have been watching the latest articles and attended the meeting pertaining to the proposed ATV trail that a group has been attempting to get established in Cameron County. Please bear with me while I introduce myself. I probably do not need an intro for the fishermen and hunters of our area. I was assigned […]

‘Thank You’

Friends of the Cameron County Ambulance, We here at CCAS would like to thank all of those who supported the Bingo night that we held on Saturday, July 29th, at the Emporium Fire Dept. Many of you helped us with donations of your time, food items, gift baskets and even financial donations. We gave out […]

‘His Life Mattered’

To whom it may concern, On August 29, 1981 at 6:02 a.m., my brother, Jeff Russell was hit and killed by a train. He was laying on the tracks, just feet from the Sizer Run Railroad Crossing. There has always been speculation about my brother’s death. It is because of this uncertainty that I have […]

‘Nonstop Noise’

I read with interest the council passed Ordinance 496 (jake brakes). Jake brakes only lasts less than 15 seconds and the council bans the use of them in the borough. We on Carson Street have to put up with noise from GKN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year […]

‘Money Can’t Buy What We Love’

I am a plain and simple spoken man who has lived in Driftwood for 37 years and in Cameron County since I was 17 years old. My wife and her brothers are lifelong residents of Cameron County. Driftwood and Sinnamahoning were self-sufficient and thriving communities.  

“Great Job”

Shippen Township: Just a note to say Great Job on Four Mile. It’s in the best condition in my thirty-four years of living here.  

‘An Update from Rock & Sherri Pifer’

  Over the last year we have encountered many folks from Cameron County and we have been asked how we are doing and what’s up? So we thought it might be a good idea to drop a note to all our friends back home with an update. In the summer of 1990, Sherri and I […]

‘A Place’

  Your two articles about the proposed ATV track system thru town and surrounding beautiful country caused me to look up a memoir I had written 10 years ago. I am old, but not resistant to new ideas or changes when these are beneficial to people or environment. First, will Emporium really benefit financially from […]

‘Thank You’

  I would like to thank the library and Sue Ramarge. You save me a trip to Pittsburgh  every three months. I have a pacemaker and I can’t send readings over the phone anymore. We don’t have cell service Down County and I have to be able to plug my little box into electric and […]

‘Ambulance Fund Raiser’

‘Ambulance Fund Raiser’Cameron County Ambulance Service loves serving our community. We know there has been much reported about how the service is doing and what it will take to keep our ambulance local. We now have some new eyes helping to ensure that will happen. Our board has recently given approval to hold fund raisers […]

‘All in the Name of Progress’

The first domino has fallen. By a two to one council vote, the Borough of Driftwood has passed an ordinance to move forward with plans to allow ATVs and possibly snowmobiles use of streets and roads within the Borough. Lumber, Shippen, and others are expected to now follow suit. All in the name of progress, […]


I so enjoyed Kent Riegel’s article on Sylvania Electric. It struck a special chord with me. I can relate many personal memories connected with the plant that tie in with what Mr. Riegel was reporting. He related that Gladys and Arthur Schultz met through their involvement with the plant. My father, Robert Rinehuls, and mother, […]

‘Vitamin Starter List’

Here is your Vitamin Starter List (June 21, 2017) (For your health): Vitamin E – 2-400 IUs gels (antioxidant) (reduces muscle deterioration) Selenium – 2-200mcg tabs (powerful antioxidant) (prevents cancer)  

‘Wishing Great Success for Hygrade B&B’

What a wonderful article you had in the June 21 edition of the Echo concerning the new venture of the Hygrade B&B. I wish all the people involved great success. It will be wonderful to see that old home restored to its former beauty that as a kid I just would go by and stand […]

The Bair Family’

  Kent, Re your note in Trivia May 31st and the Bair family: We lived next door to the house at Poplar and Fifth – the Hoffman family bought that house and I remember them showing me a collection of pictures they inherited with the house that were taken by Mr. Bair of Cameron County […]

‘In Sympathy’

  I would like to express my feelings to the family of Maxine George, and in the past, David, Elayne and Mickey as part of the McManigle family. I now live in St. Louis. My sister, Miriam, is the mother of the above.

‘Give Small Business a Chance’

 I don’t understand what a handful of residents on Portage Street have against a family trying to make a living out of a new small business.   It’s too bad they didn’t live on Second Street when Cameron Manufacturing and Sylvania were booming.    

‘The G.E.D. Test’

    When I left Emporium 10 years ago I remembered to take the Echo with me and it lets me know what’s going on back home.  Two weeks ago, when the time came to read the news, I could never believe what it said; now, after all these years I could attend the “Alumni […]


  Good morning Kent: I read the Echo and also your popular column and after reading about the Whistling Plumber’s motorcycle, I started to think about the “Good Ole’ Days.”  I just talked to Inez Jordan, his daughter, about who bought the motorcycle! My brother, Bob graduated in 1945 and was drafted. His friend was […]

‘A Money-Saving, Job-Saving Suggestion’

  To the taxpayers of Cameron County: Recent news articles point to the facts that federal funding to education is decreasing so state educational funding to local school districts must also see a decrease in funding. According to the educational news from Harrisburg, PA districts could see a 9% budget cut for transportation as well […]


  Kent, I am writing in regards to the recent article that was printed in the Trivia section of the Echo. You wrote that my mother, Julia Cleary, who lived beside Luigi’s, was something like a mid-wife and helped with the birthing of newborn babies.      

‘The Whistler’

  Dear Sir: My name is William Cox Sr. I was born in Emporium in 1924. My parents’ names were Charles and Rose Prime Cox and they lived at 311 West 5th St. until 1957. I get the Cameron County Echo from Senator Joe Scarnati. He is a real good friend of mine.    

The Whistling Plumber’

  Dear Kent: I could never whistle and chew gum at the same time. After a lot of practice I gave up. I do remember the “Whistling Plumber”; everyone in Emporium knew him. His last name was Mitchell, first name maybe Lloyd, not sure.