Feeling Blessed in Small Town USA’

  One of the biggest blessings of living in small town USA is that many of these small towns have a great big heart! And speaking of small towns with big hearts, may I say that Emporium is one such town! Having been a pastor in Emporium for nearly 22 years, I have seen the […]

‘Give Teachers a Good Word or Two’

  Dear Editor: When I was in the classroom many years ago, I displayed two posters behind my desk. They weren’t there for my students. They were there for me. One was a quote from John W. Gardner, L. B. Johnson’s Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare: “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as […]


  Kent Riegel: About Carl Lindquist of Center Esso. He was in partnership with Fran Alden , his brother-in-law. Carl was married to Fran’s sister Ginny. Larry Caton worked with them for as long as I can remember. Great group of nice people.  Carl was a pitcher who played pro ball with the Boston Braves […]

‘Our Islamic President’

  Obama was raised by his father in Kenya as a Muslim and after his father’s death by his stepfather in Indonesia as a Muslim until he was in his teens. After his mother’s death he went to Hawaii to live with his grandparents (on his mother’s side). Obama did not produce a birth certificate […]

Railroad Men’

  This letter is late in response to a request from the Cameron County Historical Society for names of the men pictured in the Echo dated Wed., July 8, 2015, as my copy did not arrive until July 15th.    


  I firmly believe that we the average man and woman on the street, should have some input into this very serious and moral issue. The few who take the time to actually let your elected representatives know how you feel makes a bigger difference than you realize. We exist on the premise that majority […]

‘Legion Photo I.D.’

  The June 24th issue had a photo of a group of men. My dad, Tom Nickler, tells me that is the 20th anniversary of the American Legion. My grandfather, Ben Nickler is in the front row far right. The gentleman at the beginning of that row is Whitey Herrick, not Howard.   

‘Rails to Trails’

  I would like to give my opinion on the rails to trails programs being done in our area and nation wide. There has been a court case already decided by the Supreme Court of the United States, by an 8 to 1 decision that when a railroad abandons a right of way, that right […]

Don’t Forget a Pre-Trip Vehicle Check Before Hitting the Road’

‘    Dear Editor, If you are hitting the road this summer, you will have lots of company. With millions of Americans taking road trips, the last thing you need is car trouble. A simple pre-trip driveway vehicle inspection helps ensure a safe and stress-free journey.  

Increasing PILT – A Must for Rural PA

  An Op-Ed By: Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) Across Pennsylvania, the practice has long been in place of taxing property to help fund our schools.  While the school property tax may have made sense when it was first enacted in the 1830’s, constituents today have been voicing loud and clear that the school property tax […]

‘Old Tyme Photo I.D.’

  The graduation or reunion class picture is a nice one, all those young faces! Center, first row is my second cousin Joe DeVoe, nephew of (Gen.) Joseph T. McNarney. My sister Pat Shireff said Joe graduated high school in 1938-39 and she doesn’t know the others.  

‘More Railroad Memories’

  Reading Ernie Butler’s history of the PRR brought back memories of my short two-year span with the PRR. I was a clerk in the Round House from 1956 to 1958. I was responsible for calling all the train crews to work on the helpers. Also had to walk up to the Crescent or American […]

‘We Need Your Help!’

  The annual EHS/CCHS banquet is just around the corner.  For the last few years I have pleaded for help setting up for the banquet.  This year I am “begging” for HELP!  We have a very small group of dedicated people that pull off a really nice affair every year.  We are short three key […]

‘Emporium’s Rich Railroad History’

  As I was reminiscing about the railroad towers, The memories of the people I met and some I knew, well before I became an employee of the PRR, came flooding in. 

Grove House

  Sorry to hear that Grove House is closing. There is money for other things like Rails to Trails. Why not for Grove House, a nice place for older people?

‘Motor-Head Answer’

  Hi Kent:  In your April 15th edition you asked the question about what make and model of convertible increased the volume of the radio in proportion to the increase in speed.

‘Jim and Jeanne’

  Estelle and I have known Jim Thomas for over a decade.  Jim, you served Cameron County with just honor. Estelle and I were on many committees – Southern Calif. Motion Picture – The Actors Fund, S.A.G.-withdrew, Plant 42 Cleanup Committee – VFW, American Legion; Estelle- Auxiliary.

‘We Want You’

  The Emporium Senior Citizens Center is presently looking for new members. If you are 55 or older, it is a good place to go to socialize, play cards, bingo (Wednesdays) or enjoy Wii Bowling.

‘Railroad Towers’

    I wrote a history of the towers on the PRR.  The picture in last week’s Echo is almost certainly JN tower. The signal bridge and the cross over switch is the giveaway. The bottom door is in the right place and the steps going upstairs is on the opposite side from the door. 

‘TV Repairmen’

  After reading the list of TV repairmen,  my uncle, Robert Hodge  had a TV repair shop.  It was located in the building next to the Sykes store on East Allegheny. The building had been a grocery store operated by Irwin English.  This was across from the Hoffower building; and if I remember, there was […]

‘Howard Circle’

  Hi Kent, In a recent trivia you mentioned there were more doctors. Someone responded with Dr. Blackburn. In a past one I mentioned a Dr. Restak when I was locating the 3 most prominent doctors we all knew so well. Dr. Restak lived on the south side of West Fourth Street somewhere between Frank […]


  The Black Bridge was across from the airport. You can see it from the 120 bridge going out of town. Generations of kids swam there. You could impress people jumping off the bridge.

Improving Your Blood Circulation’

  As we age the plaque in our arteries and veins increases. Because the plaque is sticky it makes it more difficult for the blood to flow. By taking the following  natural  supplements, some of the stickiness is removed and the plaque separates thus allowing the blood to flow more freely. This will help reduce […]

‘TV Repair Shop’

  Ken Davis also had a TV repair shop, at his house in Howard Siding and on East Allegheny Ave.

‘A Response to the PC(USA) Decision to Change the Definition of Marriage’

  Last week, the Presbyterian Church (USA) changed the definition of marriage from being between a “man and woman” to “two people.”  I was contacted by the Bradford Era and asked to give a statement regarding the change.  I declined because this is too important a subject to sum up in a brief comment.  I […]

Doctors and Dentists’

  In reference to Kent Riegel’s Trivia concerning local doctors,  we had Edward Pierce and Joseph Blackburn.

Dr. Pierce’

‘ Hello Kent, Gus, Claude, and all the guys and girls, We have been talking about all the doctors in town, including my grandfather, Jesse Dalton Johnston, but I think none of us mentioned Dr. Pierce yet.   

Thank You Nelson Haas’

  Dear Editor: Thank you to Nelson Haas for his One Year One Deer article. One deer per hunter each year should be sufficient. A hunter who tags a buck and then shoots two does because he or she has a Pennsylvania Game Commission doe license as well as a DMAP permit should consider that […]

‘Principal of West Ward’

  Attention: Kent Riegel, Cora Barker was the principal of the West Ward School when I went there for the 5th and 6th grades. That would be 1942 and 1943.

‘Emporium a Favorite Spot’

  While renewing my subscription to the Echo I thought I’d pass on a nice complement from a totally objective source. We had a local clock repair man, Bob Rodgers, at our house recently and while he worked we were chatting


  Hi Phil: The four Edsel models were the Ranger, Pacer, Corsair  and the Citation. Ford produced 63,000 of the 1958 model, 45,000 of the 1959 model and just 3,000 of the 1960 model. Ford canceled the make at the end of November 1959. Having produced the least in 1960 makes  them the most collectable. […]

‘A Tale of Twin Gables’

  During the Great Depression, my grandparents, Leo and Neva Burlingame asked my great uncle, Gross Burlingame, a master carpenter, to build them a restaurant and gas station next to their house in Howard Siding.  He agreed and the “Twin Gables” was an immediate success according to my uncle, Laverne Burlingame in his book “Around […]

‘Multiple Honor Students’

  You asked about families in Emporium who had multiple children who were honor students.  I’ll be surprised if you can find someone who had more than James and Thorarose Smith, who lived at 314 West Fourth Street.  They had four:  

”The Blinzler Twins”

  Hi Kent: Sorry I could not find your address but I am sure the Echo will give this to you.

‘Lights in the Pines’

  I am looking for someone to take over the “Lights in the Pines” on Sylvan Heights. I have enough money for at least four more months.  

Trivia Answers & Stories’

‘ Here are some answers believed to be true concerning recent Trivia questions. Miss Amy Cora Baker kept her Pontiac at Ackey McDonald’s garage. It couldn’t be out in bad weather. The night the garage burned some boys from the class of 1962 woke her up to tell her how sorry they were her car […]

Northwest Savings Bank donates TO Elk-Cameron County Junior Achievement– Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.Through a dedicated volunteer network, Junior Achievement  has been providing in-school programs for students in Elk and Cameron counties since 2006. Through these hands-on, K-12 programs, and […]

‘The Nylons Fix’

  Kent, In answer to who Mr. Kuhn was married to – I believe it was Mrs. Sidney Kennedy’s daughter, Mary, who was a teacher also.  On the question of what ladies fixed their nylons with, it was clear fingernail polish, at least in my day. And though this is before my time, I think […]

The Good ‘Ole Days’

  Hello Phil, I wrote the attached article about 6 years ago and I thought I would pass it on to you as a criticism to whoever is at fault with our white-tail deer population in our home area (Emporium/Cameron County).

Strong Dissenting Opinion of Judge’s Ruling’

‘ The Honorable Barry D. Brown Cameron County Courthouse RE: Docket #MJ-59301-CV-0000053-2014 Dear Judge Brown, In regards to the court hearing on 1/7/2015, docket number referenced above, I am compelled to express my contention that your ruling in this matter was incorrect, and not just simply in your interpretation of the Home Improvement Consumer Protection […]

‘Drivers Ed.’

  Hi Kent, Happy New Year. Concerning the January 7 issue of the Echo ‘Drivers Ed.’ – It began in the 1950s, not sure which one. The instructor was Bill Bitner.   

‘Six Quick Tips for Sub-Zero Winter Driving’

  Dear Editor, When it comes to winter car care, many motorists think of antifreeze and batteries, but vehicles need extra attention when temperatures drop below zero. These six quick tips will help your vehicle perform at its best during cold weather months.  

‘Call Sign’

  I (sort of) grew up in Emporium, from about age 2 in 1941 to age 13 in 1952, when we moved to Bath, NY, 100 miles away.    

Suicide Knobs & Drivers Ed’

‘ In response to Glenn Gutgsell’s  question about Suicide Knobs. The correct name for Necker Knobs or Suicide Knobs is a “Brodie Knob.”  


  One of our readers called to tell us that the type of penmanship he was taught was the “Palmer method.”      

Community Foundation For the Twin Tiers Announces New Fund’

‘ The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers (CFTT) announces the newly established E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Fund. Nonprofit organizations often establish agency endowment fund with CFTT to provide a steady source of operating income.        

The Baldwins’

‘ Hi Kent, In the past two issues of the paper you talked about the names and the occupations of the Baldwin family. The Baldwins lived on the north side of East Allegany Avenue between the Coppersmiths on the west and the Eagans on the east. I remember Mrs. Baldwin working in a jewelry store […]

‘Several Questions’

  The picture of the Emp. Fisk Juvenile Band has sure got around. It was in the May 12, 2004 issue – June 15, 2011 issue – July 23, 2014 issue. I also have a picture of the same band taken in Keystone Park that was in the July 31, 2013 issue.  

Greetings Kent:

  In the 12/3/14 Echo you mentioned Jim Kornish had called you and reminded you that Art Baldwin’s wife worked at the jewelry store.  

‘Jewelry Stores’

  Dear Echo, Regarding jewelry stores, I believe Metzgers was known as the “House of Metzger.”  At what point it became Bowens’ Jewelry I do not know.  

‘The Reservation’

  In answer to Glenn Thomas’ question concerning The Reservation; I believe the booundaries were Cherry St. to the East, the Sylvania Complex to the West; the Railroad Tracks to the North, and the River to the South.    

‘More on Jewelry Stores’

  Hi Kent, In the Nov. 12, 2014, edition of the Echo you asked about jewelry stores in Emporium. I do remember a few.  

‘Car Dealership’

  In answer to the trivia question about the dealership that was in the building next to the former Cameron Mfg.    

‘Trivia-Peterson Writing System’

  I agree with Margaret O’Malley that the writing system was the Peterson system and I remember Mr. Morgan just as she did, a very portly man and I looked forward to his class each time he came.    

‘Jewelry Stores’

I have been around Emporium for 62 years and the only Jewelry store I remember is McWilliams’.    


  Dear Kent, I am Nancy Nelsen Evers, class of 1949 and I must be between you and your sister, in age. I remember your sister well. She was attractive and always nice to those of us who were a year or so younger.  

‘Alaska Fishing Comment’

  We have been traveling, so a little behind on reading. I enjoyed the article about Alaska fishing on the Kenai.    

‘Alzheimer’s Accountability Act’

  Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in America and there are currently more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. It is disheartening to learn that only 1.7 percent of the National Institute of Health’s budget goes to researching Alzheimer’s, when it is the most […]

Writing Methods’

‘Hi Kent: I just received my first issue of the Echo and turned immediately to the Trivia column. In response to your question about the writing method we were taught many years ago, I believe it was the Peterson method. I remember that a company representative would come periodically to work in the classrooms. A […]

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

    A spaghetti dinner fundraiser to benefit the Emporium Volunteer Fire Department will be held Saturday, Nov. 15th from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Emporium First United Methodist Church, 306 South Spruce Street.  

‘Brothers Who Played Football’

  Hi Kent, Haven’t written in a while, but in a recent article you mentioned brothers in the same family playing football. You talked about the LaBrozzi brothers, “Rich” and “Boog.” I knew and played ball with Rich. Believe he also played quarterback as well as halfback. They also had a brother, Francis who was […]

‘Sports Hall of Fame’

  On behalf of the Hometown Mentors Hometown Sports Hall of Fame committee, I would like to say thank you to all those who contributed their time and efforts to help make the inaugural event a huge success.  

‘Has To Stop Now!’

  Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, and he surely did.  On 1-20-2009, Inauguration Day for Obama, the U.S. National Debt was $10.7 Trillion and today it is a whopping $17.8 Trillion, a $7 Trillion additional debt in less than 6 years!  On 4-29-14 THE BUREAU of LABOR STATISTICS stated that […]

‘Former Newspapermen’

  The Press office was located in the back of the Water Company building, next to the Cabin Kitchen on West 4th Street.  The building was located where the Credit Union Office is now

1950 Press Workers’

‘ Hi Kent, To answer your questions about the old Cameron County Press-Independent paper, their office and where the paper was published was located on Fourth Street, near the Cabin Kitchen, and they shared the building with the Water Company Office.    

Football Brothers’

‘ Hi Kent, There was a question asked about brothers who played football for EHS.  There have been lots of them.  A few that come to mind are:  The Park brothers, Jim and Bob; the Gribbles, Alvin, Harvey, and Frank; the Tompkins brothers, Jim, Bea, and Mike; The Taggerts, Bob and Frank.    

Football Team I.D.’

  Dear Kent, The picture of the football team I believe is the ‘45-’46 season, not ‘44-’45.  

‘Warshed and Wrenched’

  It seems  I remember that clothes and dishes were not “washed” they were “warshed.”  After they were “warshed” they weren’t “rinsed” they were “wrenched.”   Do you remember that?  

‘Remember Irene Stout’

  To the Editor i.e. Kent’s Trivia Reflections: One subject talked about the lady who played the organ in the window at the Meisel store across the street from the Sylvania building on E. 4th Street. Not sure if this question was answered previously or not, but here is my memory.   

‘Thank You!’

  HMI would like to take this opportunity to thank the George and Margaret Mee Foundation for a recent grant awarded to Hometown Mentors, Inc. to finish the safe surface under the new equipment at the Prospect Park Playground and to continue improvements to the clubhouse at that site.  This  $6,524.83 grant is specifically earmarked […]