‘The Nylons Fix’

  Kent, In answer to who Mr. Kuhn was married to – I believe it was Mrs. Sidney Kennedy’s daughter, Mary, who was a teacher also.  On the question of what ladies fixed their nylons with, it was clear fingernail polish, at least in my day. And though this is before my time, I think […]

The Good ‘Ole Days’

  Hello Phil, I wrote the attached article about 6 years ago and I thought I would pass it on to you as a criticism to whoever is at fault with our white-tail deer population in our home area (Emporium/Cameron County).

Strong Dissenting Opinion of Judge’s Ruling’

‘ The Honorable Barry D. Brown Cameron County Courthouse RE: Docket #MJ-59301-CV-0000053-2014 Dear Judge Brown, In regards to the court hearing on 1/7/2015, docket number referenced above, I am compelled to express my contention that your ruling in this matter was incorrect, and not just simply in your interpretation of the Home Improvement Consumer Protection […]

‘Drivers Ed.’

  Hi Kent, Happy New Year. Concerning the January 7 issue of the Echo ‘Drivers Ed.’ – It began in the 1950s, not sure which one. The instructor was Bill Bitner.   

‘Six Quick Tips for Sub-Zero Winter Driving’

  Dear Editor, When it comes to winter car care, many motorists think of antifreeze and batteries, but vehicles need extra attention when temperatures drop below zero. These six quick tips will help your vehicle perform at its best during cold weather months.  

‘Call Sign’

  I (sort of) grew up in Emporium, from about age 2 in 1941 to age 13 in 1952, when we moved to Bath, NY, 100 miles away.    

Suicide Knobs & Drivers Ed’

‘ In response to Glenn Gutgsell’s  question about Suicide Knobs. The correct name for Necker Knobs or Suicide Knobs is a “Brodie Knob.”  


  One of our readers called to tell us that the type of penmanship he was taught was the “Palmer method.”      

Community Foundation For the Twin Tiers Announces New Fund’

‘ The Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers (CFTT) announces the newly established E.O. Austin Home/Historical Society Fund. Nonprofit organizations often establish agency endowment fund with CFTT to provide a steady source of operating income.        

The Baldwins’

‘ Hi Kent, In the past two issues of the paper you talked about the names and the occupations of the Baldwin family. The Baldwins lived on the north side of East Allegany Avenue between the Coppersmiths on the west and the Eagans on the east. I remember Mrs. Baldwin working in a jewelry store […]

‘Several Questions’

  The picture of the Emp. Fisk Juvenile Band has sure got around. It was in the May 12, 2004 issue – June 15, 2011 issue – July 23, 2014 issue. I also have a picture of the same band taken in Keystone Park that was in the July 31, 2013 issue.  

Greetings Kent:

  In the 12/3/14 Echo you mentioned Jim Kornish had called you and reminded you that Art Baldwin’s wife worked at the jewelry store.  

‘Jewelry Stores’

  Dear Echo, Regarding jewelry stores, I believe Metzgers was known as the “House of Metzger.”  At what point it became Bowens’ Jewelry I do not know.  

‘The Reservation’

  In answer to Glenn Thomas’ question concerning The Reservation; I believe the booundaries were Cherry St. to the East, the Sylvania Complex to the West; the Railroad Tracks to the North, and the River to the South.    

‘More on Jewelry Stores’

  Hi Kent, In the Nov. 12, 2014, edition of the Echo you asked about jewelry stores in Emporium. I do remember a few.  

‘Car Dealership’

  In answer to the trivia question about the dealership that was in the building next to the former Cameron Mfg.    

‘Trivia-Peterson Writing System’

  I agree with Margaret O’Malley that the writing system was the Peterson system and I remember Mr. Morgan just as she did, a very portly man and I looked forward to his class each time he came.    

‘Jewelry Stores’

I have been around Emporium for 62 years and the only Jewelry store I remember is McWilliams’.    


  Dear Kent, I am Nancy Nelsen Evers, class of 1949 and I must be between you and your sister, in age. I remember your sister well. She was attractive and always nice to those of us who were a year or so younger.  

‘Alaska Fishing Comment’

  We have been traveling, so a little behind on reading. I enjoyed the article about Alaska fishing on the Kenai.    

‘Alzheimer’s Accountability Act’

  Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in America and there are currently more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. It is disheartening to learn that only 1.7 percent of the National Institute of Health’s budget goes to researching Alzheimer’s, when it is the most […]

Writing Methods’

‘Hi Kent: I just received my first issue of the Echo and turned immediately to the Trivia column. In response to your question about the writing method we were taught many years ago, I believe it was the Peterson method. I remember that a company representative would come periodically to work in the classrooms. A […]

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

    A spaghetti dinner fundraiser to benefit the Emporium Volunteer Fire Department will be held Saturday, Nov. 15th from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Emporium First United Methodist Church, 306 South Spruce Street.  

‘Brothers Who Played Football’

  Hi Kent, Haven’t written in a while, but in a recent article you mentioned brothers in the same family playing football. You talked about the LaBrozzi brothers, “Rich” and “Boog.” I knew and played ball with Rich. Believe he also played quarterback as well as halfback. They also had a brother, Francis who was […]

‘Sports Hall of Fame’

  On behalf of the Hometown Mentors Hometown Sports Hall of Fame committee, I would like to say thank you to all those who contributed their time and efforts to help make the inaugural event a huge success.  

‘Has To Stop Now!’

  Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, and he surely did.  On 1-20-2009, Inauguration Day for Obama, the U.S. National Debt was $10.7 Trillion and today it is a whopping $17.8 Trillion, a $7 Trillion additional debt in less than 6 years!  On 4-29-14 THE BUREAU of LABOR STATISTICS stated that […]

‘Former Newspapermen’

  The Press office was located in the back of the Water Company building, next to the Cabin Kitchen on West 4th Street.  The building was located where the Credit Union Office is now

1950 Press Workers’

‘ Hi Kent, To answer your questions about the old Cameron County Press-Independent paper, their office and where the paper was published was located on Fourth Street, near the Cabin Kitchen, and they shared the building with the Water Company Office.    

Football Brothers’

‘ Hi Kent, There was a question asked about brothers who played football for EHS.  There have been lots of them.  A few that come to mind are:  The Park brothers, Jim and Bob; the Gribbles, Alvin, Harvey, and Frank; the Tompkins brothers, Jim, Bea, and Mike; The Taggerts, Bob and Frank.    

Football Team I.D.’

  Dear Kent, The picture of the football team I believe is the ‘45-’46 season, not ‘44-’45.  

‘Warshed and Wrenched’

  It seems  I remember that clothes and dishes were not “washed” they were “warshed.”  After they were “warshed” they weren’t “rinsed” they were “wrenched.”   Do you remember that?  

‘Remember Irene Stout’

  To the Editor i.e. Kent’s Trivia Reflections: One subject talked about the lady who played the organ in the window at the Meisel store across the street from the Sylvania building on E. 4th Street. Not sure if this question was answered previously or not, but here is my memory.   

‘Thank You!’

  HMI would like to take this opportunity to thank the George and Margaret Mee Foundation for a recent grant awarded to Hometown Mentors, Inc. to finish the safe surface under the new equipment at the Prospect Park Playground and to continue improvements to the clubhouse at that site.  This  $6,524.83 grant is specifically earmarked […]

Sharing Our Blessings, Manor Auxiliary Fundraiser Kicks Off

    Felt Manor/Felt Living Auxiliary is sponsoring a “Blessing Tree” for the Thanksgiving season to benefit the residents of its facilities. Beginning September 2nd, for a minimum donation of $5.00, your loved one will be remembered with a special angel ornament that will be placed on a lighted tree in the atrium of Guy […]

‘German POWs’

Going back; subject of German POWs, 8-2-14: The ones I talked to all spoke in English fluently. They told me it was a required subject in school. They would ride us around on their backs and sometimes talk to each other in German, but they were always happy and good workers, showing no fear of […]

‘Financial Peace’

Dave Ramsey, the creator of Financial Peace University says that 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Many are still one paycheck away from total financial disaster. Mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcies are on the increase, just read the Sherriff’s Sale report in the legal section of the paper. The average person is over $38,000 […]

‘Re: Casey Martin Restaurant’

Hey Kent: Could be wrong, but my recollection is it was more of a soda fountain or ice cream parlor than a restaurant. The owner, I thought was Casey’s father, Clippy Martin.

‘Class of 1926’

Good Morning, The EHS Graduation photo in the June 4 Echo is the class of 1926. My parents were members of that class and are in the photo.  My father, Arthur Williams is in the first row at left, seated, and my mother, Blanche Wheaton Williams is also in the first row, standing, seventh from […]

‘To Prevent Cancer and Reduce Muscle Deterioration’

  Selenium prevents Cancer if you take 300 or 400mcg every day.  If you have Cancer you can stop its growth and kill it by taking 800mcg of Selenium every day. However, if it is already inside your liver it is probably too late. Mcg is microgram  not milligram    

‘Casey Martin’s Restaurant’

Good morning Kent: I will answer a question you asked about. Casey Martin’s Restaurant was across the street from the “Coffee Shop.” This is a coincidence when I tell you that their daughter, Sue and her husband, Harold bought the Coffee Shop and Sue’s mother was the “Pie Maker.” Business was great, as the food […]

‘A Lot of Nice People’

I look forward every week to looking at the Echo. My wife lived in Driftwood from 1953 to 1956. She went to high school in Emporium and worked at the Cabin Kitchen for Kenny and worked with Lena.  

‘Ringing the School Bell’

Hi from Fort Huachuca, Home of the Buffalo Soldier, Yes, Charlie Cessna would have been ringing the bell at West Ward School.  He had a “late” bell and would sometimes keep ringing it when someone was running toward the school.

‘Mr. Lasitis & the Coffee Shop’

Hi Kent, In a recent issue you mentioned Mr. Lasitis. When I was a senior in 1945, Mr. Lasitis was the supervising principal and Francis O’Malley was the principal.  

‘Happiness Inn’

Kent: On the business card it states that the Happiness Inn had their own band, but we do not know what time frame that was. Yes, the patrons used to get pretty loud while having fun.

‘German Soldiers Here’

I was 7-8 years old at this time. Mom worked in the Mail Room at Sylvania and hired a girl, Marge Dansack, as a babysitter. Her boyfriend was a guard at the prison camp, a CCC camp, up near Keating Summit, Bark Shanty Road. She would rent bicycles and we would ride down to South […]

‘To Improve Your Blood Circulation’

As you get older, say 60s and beyond, the plaque buildup in your veins and arteries gets to the point where it can become difficult to get sufficient blood flow through them to heal a cut or scratch. The plaque is very sticky, so you need  something to remove the sticky substance from the plaque […]

‘German Prisoners’

Dear Kent R., The German POWs in Emporium worked loading lumber at the 3rd Street and Chestnut (maybe Walnut) Pennsy siding.  

Gerald Murray

(1932-2014) Gerald J. “Mickey” Murray, 81, of Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, Duncansville, formerly of Emporium and Florida, died at Hollidaysburg Veterans Home on Saturday afternoon (May 3, 2014) following a lengthy illness.  

‘The Coffee Shop’

Hi Kent, A few weeks back you mentioned Harold Hutt in your column. That name brings back many fond memories for me. Many will remember that Harold and his wife, Isabelle were the long-time owners of the Coffee Shop restaurant located next door to the Emporium Trust Company on East Fourth St.  I knew them […]

‘Cars From the ‘50s’

Kent, On the Dorman family,  Edward was in my class – 1954.Several weeks ago I asked what kind of car Ed drove to school (60th reunion this year).  Ed  drove a red MG convertible.    

‘Commentary on the World War Theme’

My family lived in an apartment above the old Olivett store. I had to go to the West Ward School so Dorothy Gennocro and I would walk the rails of the tracks to see who could go longer without falling off.  

‘German Prisoners of War’

Hi Kent, I, too, remember the German prisoners of war, in the ‘40s. As I recall, they were working at the corner of Spruce and 3rd streets, behind the Presbyterian Church.

‘Entertaining Ourselves at the Dump’

I believe the dump-site Kent Riegel referred to in his column is the one that was located on the hill behind what used to be the Airport and where GKN and others have manufacturing plants now. It was then known as The Keystone because the Keystone Dynamite plant used to be located there. You could […]

‘School Days Memories’

I was reading the paper from Emporium. I usually get it from Joe Scarnati and read the piece about Flossie Smith, school teacher in the Fifth-Sixth Grade, West Ward. She taught me when I was in school, we used to walk to school every day.  

‘Our President?’

President Obama has shown his true colors. He wants to take control over the whole country. It is all about power. He began by taking over AIG, the banks, and two out of three auto manufacturers. He gave over 50% of GM stock to the auto union members. Acorn and the unions are the reason […]

‘Column Makes You Feel Like a Native’

Dear Kent, Here is another letter to say how much we love reading the Trivia section.   My husband, who is not from Emporium, says he is starting to feel like a native, even though he has never lived there.  He is so happy when he knows the answers.  It sure does add to the […]

‘Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart’

I would like to thank the crew of Gibson Township for keeping my driveway cleared of snow so I could get in and out for my chemo treatments this winter, and an ambulance could get in if I needed one.

‘Your Generosity is Appreciated’

Dear Friend of E. O. Austin Home Historical Society, I am writing this letter to express to you our most sincere appreciation for your kindness and generosity. With the help of kind and supportive individuals like yourself, the E. O. Austin Home/Historical Society 2014 Dinner Auction was a huge success.  

‘Alumni Banquets of the Past’

Hi Kent, On behalf of the Class of 1952, I have some memories about where our Alumni Banquet was held as follows: Emporium High School was where we graduated from, and the present CCHS was not built until 2 or 3 years after 1952.  

‘Lookout Club’

Dear Mr. Riegel, I have a couple answers to some questions you had – first The Lookout Club – a group of ladies of which my grandmother, Mrs. Woodward Hall (Freida) was a member.

‘Kindness of Others Very Much Appreciated’

I want to thank Garret Ramsey and all the workers from Shippen Township  who helped plow our Sizer Run road during this past very nasty winter we have had.    

‘Screaming in the Outhouse’

There was an outhouse at the Housler home at North Creek. One of the small girls fell down the hole.  

‘Unanswered Trivia’

Hi Kent, Here’s another set of twins – Donald and Ronald Turner (1953). Haven’t seen answers for these – Question Feb. 26 asked age when kids had to pay an adult price at the Emporium Theater – my recollection was at 12 years of age.  

‘Recognition For A Job Well Done’

Many times recognition for a job well done is not given to those who deserve it. I would like to recognize and applaud the efforts put forth by the Gibson Twp. road department and the crew who clears and maintains the roadways during the year and especially in the winter months.

‘Garden Plowing’

Dear Mr. Riegel: In answer to your garden plowing question, my dad (Jacob Regec) always had a Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith had 2 horses and plowed dad and Carlson’s (Donovan’s) garden

‘Wrong Bird!”

Hi, Cameron County Echo, We regret to point out an error in the latest edition of the Echo boldly located on the front page! The woodpecker pictured is not a red headed woodpecker, although my 5- year-old granddaughter thinks it is the better name, but in fact is a Red Bellied Woodpecker.

‘Woodpecker I.D.’

We love receiving your paper to keep up with the events of Cameron County.  As avid birders, we wanted to correct the caption on the picture of a woodpecker that appeared on the front page of the February 26 edition.  

‘Twins, Movies and Outhouses’

Got my paper amazingly early this week so maybe I can get a jump on answering some of the trivia questions. (Full story in the Cameron County Echo on the news stand)

‘One Issue Under Dispute’

Dear Editor: I recently enjoyed watching a taping of PA Game Commission testimony to the PA House of Representatives Fish and Game Committee chaired by our local Representative Martin Causer on the local cable channel.   As a retired PGC employee, I thought that it was a very interesting, fair, and well conducted hearing.  However, […]

‘Weather and Birds’

I do remember a colder winter than this one. In 1962, Feb. 13, our son was born and it was 20 degrees below zero and had been for several days. The water lines froze every day, even if we let the water run. We were living in Rich Valley. We went to the hospital about […]