‘San Francisco Checking In’

Dear Kent, My maiden name is Gresimer, and I was graduated from CCHS in the Class of 1960. I now reside in Danville, CA, in the San Francisco Bay area. I have subscribed to the Echo for many years. Perhaps I’m the furthest west subscriber so far?   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in […]

‘Doud & Zeaman Esso’

The picture of Doud & Zeaman Esso; I lived in the house on right of picture from October (in 5th grade) until July 1958. In fact, I was hired to dig the footer for the garage addition. If I could see the original picture I could probably tell you the make and year of the […]

‘Enjoy Trivia Down South’

Greetings from “South Carolina!” Enjoy “Trivia” every week.     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘A Regular Reader from Alabama’

Hi Kent, Although my family moved to central Florida from Emporium in 1959 when I was 5, I still remember the wash out, picnic grove, and going by the Dorman residence on the way out Rich Valley Rd. to our camp – Hemlock Lodge with my parents, Leon and Shirley and my brother Lee. (Full […]

‘Nicknames Continued…’

Denise Balizet stopped by the office to fill us in on some more nicknames. She told us her nickname was “Neeche”, her brother Philip’s was “Flip” and her sister Karen’s was “Karky.”.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

More Nicknames’

I was enthused by the trivia submission of Gordy Strycula as published in April in the Echo. Here are a few that Gordy didn’t pull up from his rolodex…     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Were You There?”

Emporium Echo; Good People: The Cameron County Veterans Museum will be open from June 30, 2012 to July 9, 2012. A lot of history is on the wall.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Trivia Answers and Memories’

My name is William Cox Sr. I was born in Emporium on 311 West 5th St. I’m one of 13 children born to Charles and Rose Extrom Cox. I get the Cameron County Echo. from a good friend who knew I lived in Emporium, Joseph Scarnati. I read it from cover to cover. I’m the […]

‘Most Distant Echo Reader’

On the subject of the most distant reader of the Echo. I was recently talking to my cousin  Ann Marie Russell and her husband Ernie, she told me they read it in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘John Baker, House Mover’

Mr. Riegel, In the April 18th Echo, Myrtle Schweikart Baker wrote in about her father, John moving houses. My mother, Twila (Ludwig) Alden said Mr. Schweikart moved a house for her parents, Monty and Sue Ludwig. It was an old schoolhouse that they made into a house. The house is in Potter County, Keating Township, […]

‘Greetings From Arizona’

Hi, I am Patricia Gannon Reed.  My grandparents were Charles (Charley) and Edna Cessna.  Pop, as I called him, owned the bakery, “Charley’s Bakery” at the east end of town, on East Allegheny Avenue.  He worked evenings at Armstrong’s Garage but his main job was custodian of the West Ward School.   (Full Story available […]

‘Come Get Your History Fix’

We at the Cameron County Historical Society would like remind all those in and out of the community that if you are looking for something to do with family and friends this summer we would love to have you stop by and visit us at the “Little Museum” in Sterling Run.  We have thousands of […]

‘Cabin Was The Place To Be’

In 1966, I was a freshman  at Cameron County High and took my first job as waitress at the Cabin Kitchen. I was employed by Kenny Miglicio.     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘The Famous Pie Recipe’

Kent: Like everyone else, I sincerely enjoy reading your column.  Keep up the good work!     (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Trivia Correction’

Just want to make a correction on the letter Jim Parrish sent. Bernice Manley did indeed marry Phil Hoffower, but her sister, Mary married my brother, Howard Hathaway. Alan married a lovely girl named Violet, can’t remember her last name.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Ice Cream Plant’

Letters to Trivia: The ice cream plant was owned by Mr. Vogt. (Every man was Mr. then.) They sold the ice cream in gallon metal containers wrapped in thick insulated bags. I was too young to know what the wrapping was made from. I was only interested in the ice cream!   (Full Story available […]

‘Imagine My Surprise…’

Dear Echo, It really surprised me to see my name in print in the obituaries. Yes, I am alive and well but a different James Arnold.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘See You in the Mountains’

Cameron County Echo, Hello, how is everybody doing in Emporium, Pa.? Hope all is well. I’m from Leechburg, Pa. and have been traveling in the mountains since 1974. Love it up there, good people, food, scenery, fishing, doesn’t get any better.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)


  by Kent Riegel   When I began sharing my little bits of trivia from my memories of Emporium, I never imagined the resulting  level and depth of the responses from Echo readers nor did I intend to personalize the material, but I am truly grateful for all responses and a special thank you to […]

A Walk in the Morning Sun

    by Wallie E. Nelsen Continued From the Centennial Issue of the Press-Independent Thursday, March 31, 1960. Copied by Sandra Hornung. Wallie is remembering his first April 15, 1928 when he first became editor of the Press-Independent. His first day as the youngest editor in the state of Pennsylvania was the Monday following Thanksgiving […]

‘New Committee Needed for Fireworks’

With the 4th of July fast approaching, it is with regret to say the Cameron County Fireworks Committee will dissolve after this year. With the current changes to the Small Games of Chance laws, it has become too much of a burden to comply with these laws. Donations over the last few years have been […]

‘I Also Love the Here and Now’

I, too, enjoy the trivia, but I think it’s time for some here and now. My heart is so full of pride I don’t know where to begin!!  I guess I’ll start with Main Street.  I choose to drive it because I so enjoy the trees and well-kept homes. (Thank you Jean Smith and John […]

‘Ice Cream Plant’

Kent asked in his June 6 column about the local family who ran an Emporium ice cream plant. That would be the Vogt family.   (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Bright Colors Save Lives’

Either on a motorcycle or walking your dog or riding your bike or walking with a fishing pole along the road; always wear a bright (yellow, red, orange, white) colored shirt. When wearing dark colored clothes (green, brown, blue), one blends in with the foliage and in the shade of the tall trees, a driver […]

Biking the Lowlands Trail

Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day by joining the Sinnemahoning State Park naturalist for an afternoon interpretive bike tour of the Lowlands Trail. (Full Story available on the newsstands, in this week’s Cameron County Echo)

‘Freedom is NOT Free Day’

In some small way to try to resurrect Max Narby’s “Freedom Week” the Emporium Rotary Club sponsored the above titled event on Friday, May 25th, at the Cameron County High School. From most reports, it was successful and the students 7th through 12th grade were great – very much involved and over the top when […]

‘Don’t Know If You Remember Me…’

Dear Kent Riegel, I have contemplated writing to you for several weeks now to tell you how much I enjoy your “Trivia” articles. I can tell you I look forward to receiving the Echo every Thursday. The articles on the Hoffower family really strike home as the entire family was very much a part of […]

A Walk in the Morning Sun

    by Wallie E. Nelsen Copied from the Cameron County Centennial edition Press-Independent Thursday, March 31, 1960. CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK. May 30, 2012. On the corner of Fourth and Chestnut we have the Rishell Furniture Store with Neal Coppersmith as the right bower. In the same building was the Heilman Hardware. Verne  once […]

Trivia by Kent Riegel

    Well, what a wonderful treasure trove of Emporium history arrived in last week’s letters to the Echo.  Thank you to each of you for taking the time and effort to share your memories; many of which contained novel and –to me—new information. Who would have thought that Emporium once had its own monkey […]

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