by William Crisp
One of the secrets to life is to find the advantage in every disadvantage. There is a ying to every yang and I try to go with it whenever I can figure out how. While this is not an article about deer I still must use hunting as a brief example.
A deer has an excellent sense of smell, most of can agree on that even though a number of us believe that they will ignore their excellent senses and waltz by us during hunting season. I, on the other hand, prescribe to the theory that hunted wild animals will go to extremes to avoid hunters, so I try to take advantage of that.
I let the prospective buck smell me but think I’m in a harmless place by hanging an uncovered shirt from a branch. Then sneak around from the back side up wind to catch them staring at where my shirt is. In theory, on paper, it works every time; in reality…it works often but not always.

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