‘Check Where the Facts are Coming From’


I read the article rumors about the proposed trail system. What I see daily and experience and have experienced counters any good intentions.  

I am not against ATVs, there are many acres in Cameron County and surrounding counties to ride them. Why in my front yard? I have experienced ATV damage to my property, who pays for it?  I do.  

How can Driftwood Borough allow ATVs on Route 555 and Route 120 when Driftwood Borough does not maintain the roads?  I choose to live in a residential area.  How can the trail system if it is an economic thing start in front of my house and every home and camp in Driftwood.  Do I live in a business district or a residential?  I can’t live in both. 

Driftwood Borough’s decision has opened up a can of worms.  

This question comes with a big question mark. Why is it O.K and safe in tourist filled Benezette and not in Cameron County? The ATV Association must have forgot that they answered this question at the July 10th Driftwood Borough meeting. An Association member stated there were300,000 visitors to Benezette last year.  One ATV Association member guided a hunt for one week in Benezette and only saw two ATVs.  That must mean 104 ATVs in Benezette per year. That is why there is no impact.


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