Chin-Chili Spirit


by William Crisp


Recently, I took a short trip to Florida to conduct some business and to get a little relief from the late Pennsylvania winter. I didn’t get the hunting in that I wanted but I did get to do some fishing or at least I participated as a fishing spectator and first mate. 

I’m sure you’re aware of the old Indian/frontiersman’s (or at least the writers of movies starring Brad Pitt) belief that if a man fought with and swapped blood with an animal they would trade spirits and walk around for the rest of their lives carrying a strong characteristic of their foe. Despite the possible benefits of the admirable side effect, I have successfully avoided being gored by a grizzly, black bear or coyote. 

During my time working in the woods I have “wrestled” a deer, dogs, snakes, bobcat, an owl, a nasty crawfish and a few other things, some in dark, wet places where I don’t nor do I want to know what I almost traded spirits with. But each time one of us, usually the critter, got away unscathed; thus, no noticeable transference of spirts has occurred other than occasionally my leg kicks if you scratch my belly.



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