Commissioners Closely Watching Efforts To Pass State Budget


by Amanda Jones
Echo News Editor
Cameron County Commissioners discussed ongoing efforts by the state legislature to ready a budget and associated bills for the new fiscal yea that began on July 1st.
The legislature had yet to pass a budget as of Thursday’s meeting, but the Senate passed a slightly-tweaked version of House Bill 218 on Friday afternoon. The Senate version was passed in the state House several hours later. However, the spending package to accompany the budget has not yet been passed. Lawmakers are on recess until Wednesday, when they are expected to
The $32 billion budget still has a $2 billion gap, and it is unclear exactly how that will be filled. Revenue to plug that hole could come from legalizing more gambling, or borrowing against money to be received through the multi-state tobacco settlement. The budget was passed without a tax increase. Some Democrats also voted for the measure, though it is unclear as to whether Governor Wolf will endorse the move without an associated spending bill.


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