Da Beard


by William Crisp


The only hair rule more steadfast than undercover cops must grow ponytails is that sportsmen must have beards. There have been times over my time of employment with two different outfits where I purposely looked like someone I was not. During those times I’ve been chastised professionally because it is believed that bad guys do not use any type of razor or clippers, yet, no bad guys ever caught on that I was a good guy.

So, was I not hairy enough or just a bad guy? Fair question. I hope the answer is no one cares. While those things can be debated, if there is one steadfast general rule that must be followed it is that; if you’re an outdoorsman, you must have a beard. This may be because while some hair styles are not practical, beards are for the outdoorsman. There is a beard for every personality and profession. There is a professor’s beard, sailor’s beard, which is different from a pirate’s beard. There’s a Spartan beard, a Viking beard and a mountain man beard; with a little tweaking, one beard can take the shape of another pretty quickly.

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