Defendants Appear In Cameron County Court For Return Day



by Amanda Jones

An Emporium woman was ordered to attend the Potter County Women’s Rehabilitation Center in Harrison Valley following probation violations that caused her intermediate punishment to be revoked.

Jody L. Wiltrout, age 33, of Emporium, was paroled during her hearing on Tuesday in front of Judge Richard Masson in Emporium and was to be taken directly to the Harrison Valley facility by staff members.

In 2014, Wiltrout entered guilty pleas to driving under the influence (DUI) charges and was ordered to serve ninety days in jail followed by a lengthy period on probation.

Earlier this year, Wiltrout was charged with drug possession in a separate case and ordered to undergo treatment, but she did not successfully complete the program.

In light of these developments, the Commonwealth determined that a more intensive rehabilitation program is warranted.


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