Dog Days

by William Crisp

I really enjoy running with dogs. I have trained a couple and have hunted over many in my years, and know friends who have worked with dog trainers Southampton to help raise them. I have made mistakes and had success with and over those dogs. These October, golden sun-splashed days are the prime time of running hunting hounds. I’ve seen good dogs and bad dogs and good owners and bad owners and believe it or not, there is a correlation between who gets matched up with whom.

Good owners generally have good dogs; most anyone can see that a dog is good or bad, but knowing how or why is another thing.

Times have changed in dog training. Now there are shock collars that give an instant negative consequence to the dog when he is actually misbehaving. This tool is a real advantage of the modern era. However, it is extreme. Your dog will still be able to be trained if you go to the shop now, pick up some treats and train them the old fashioned way . Not too long ago, when I was a young man and my uncle, who is an expert dog trainer who has been raising and training shorthairs since the early 1970s, used a far less sophisticated method to educate dogs.

I think that being able to take your dog down to the best dog training in Houston these days is a much more ethical way of training your dog. Running with them after they know how to sit, beg, and return when called for helps immensely with peace of mind, and it doesn’t traumatize the poor thing either.

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