Downtown Properties Razed



by Amanda Jones

 Echo News Editor

Demolition began on three blighted Emporium properties on Thursday morning.

The three structures, two located on East Fourth Street and one on the same lot facing East Greenwood Street, have been vacant for a number of years and had become safety hazards of late.

Last week, high winds brought down a portion of the façade on the former Admit One building, which was believed to be the sturdier of the three. It was the most recently-used building, housing a Halloween haunted house for several years prior to its demolition.

The façade fell and remained partially attached to the building, suspended over the sidewalk on Emporium’s main thoroughfare. Likely due to the cold and windy weather, with gusts of up to 45 miles per hour, there were no pedestrians traveling that part of the business district when the section fell.





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