Emporium Inmate Charged With Jailhouse Assault



An Emporium man jailed on felony drug-related charges is accused of attacking a co-defendant in his case while the two were housed at the McKean County Jail.

Gregory Burdick, age 32, allegedly assaulted co-defendant Darren David Donovan, age 25, of Emporium, during the afternoon of April 5. Police allege that Burdick approached his cell-mate, Donovan, from behind and struck him in the back of the head. Burdick fell forward, hit his face on the cell door, and then fell to the floor, where Burdick continued striking him. Records indicate Burdick believes Donovan is trying to place all blame onto Burdick relating to the methamphetamine charges in Emporium.

Burdick was arraigned on a felony charge of retaliation against a witness or victim, a misdemeanor count of simple assault and a related summary offense of harassment on Friday in front of Magisterial District Judge William K. Todd in McKean County and remanded into custody on $15,000 bail.


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