by Bill Crisp


We are entering what is, to me, the worst time of the year for the hunter and angler. After the high of summer fishing rolling into the glorious golden days of October into December the tenor and pace of hunting and fishing comes crashing down during late winter. This time of year the ice fishing is generally sketchy as the sport’s fragile, temporary terrain is either too thin and if thick it gets “old” and old ice doesn’t produce like new ice. If no ice is out the water is too fast in the creeks and the lakes hide their fruit. Hunting has all but dissipated by now, even if it is the peek of the growing coyote season and the ensuing organized coyote hunts. The forest is quiet.

I usually tinker with my guns at this point, repair and replace what gets worn or broken. I also improve upon my systems now where I can. It is a big trail camera season. Hunting remotely by digital camera is a unique study of what survived the season and a precursor to what you may want to chase next year.


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