From the Bleachers

with Rich Summers

I’m no outdoorsman, but some recent news in sporting goods stores has me scratching my head. Gander Mountain has apparently decided to concentrate on internet sales and will begin closing some stores, but that is more than offset by huge stores being built by Cabela’s, Field and Stream and Bass Pro Shops. It seems like these stores are popping up all over, and walking through one of them recently I marveled at how expensive camping and fishing have become. When I was a kid we went fishing with a fifteen dollar spinning rod from the Big G, a can full of nightcrawlers pulled from the ground the night before and an old sleeping bag that only kept you warm on summer nights. We’d have loved a rectangular sleeping bag made from modern material though, truth be told.

There was perfect weather for the Lady Raider softball opener on Friday and I am still wondering why DuBois Central Catholic decided to cancel the Red Raider baseball team game in DuBois.


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