From the Bleachers


by Rich Summers


Few sports provide weird and just plain strange situations like Major League Baseball. I just witnessed Ichiro Suzuki, the greatest Japanese player ever to play in MLB, get a huge plaque; I guess you could call it, with the number 3000 on it. It signifies Ichiro’s three thousand hits he has accumulated in the United States’ major baseball league, something only thirty other players have ever accomplished. It is made up of small photographs of himself collecting each of his first three thousand hits (he currently has 3019). 

He is certainly one of the greatest players of all time, but even though the tribute must have seemed like a good idea at the time, it is one of the ugliest monstrosities I have seen, rivaled only by the equally repulsive “sculpture” that was in the background of the TV picture in the outfield at Marlins Park in Miami.

But I really wanted to point out something else about recent Pittsburgh Pirate television broadcasts. During the commercial breaks they run short biographies of former Buccos and lately they have used Bobby Bonilla. 



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