From the Bleachers


with Rich Summers


Despite the Pirates’ lousy play recently I still watch them virtually every day on television and I have to comment about their broadcast team. Being of the age when I remember Bob Prince I have to say he was always my favorite to listen to. But Bob Walk is surpassing him in my mind. And I’ve always been a fan of Steve Blass. John Wehner is also entertaining, but the two play-by-play guys, Greg Brown and Joe Block don’t do anything for me. Block seems like he’s trying too hard and makes awkward comments on a regular basis. And Brown is way too opinionated and for every good call he has made up (raise the Jolly Roger), we have to suffer with “Mercer Mercer Me” and “Trip Trip Triple.” 

It pains me to say so but the New York Yankees have really put together a great young team and are making it hard to be a Yankee hater. I especially like Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks and Didi Gregorius, but they have their share of veterans like Chase Headley, Starlin Castro and Jacoby Ellsbury. It’s no wonder they are leading the American League East division, which has become the toughest in baseball. 





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