From the Bleachers

with Rich Summers
When I left for Florida last week to visit my daughter and my aunt on the beach it was nice and cool. But returning on Saturday and mowing the lawn I realized Emporium in the summer with heat and humidity is just like Hollywood Beach, Florida. Without the sand, ocean, seafood and bikinis though.
I am looking forward to setting up on the couch in the air conditioning and watching the final round of the US Open golf tournament. The regular PGA tournaments don’t interest me anymore but the majors always draw me to the front of the television.
Thanks to Steve and Mel Bajor for taking care of my garden and pool while we were gone. Steve and I don’t have much in common as it relates to sports as he is a hunter and outdoorsman and I like the sports that involve a score and a ball or puck, but he has one curious sports interest. Steve is a big fan of NCAA softball. Make what you will of that.

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