From the Bleachers


with Rich Summers


This has been a painfully slow summer for sports given that little league baseball has ended for the season and the Alle-Catt league was disbanded before the season even began. But one bright spot bopped into town last Friday, an old friend of mine, Dave LaBrozzi.

Dave was in town to participate in a radio reunion with Micah Johnson which was broadcast on The River 98.9 and WLEM. They both got their start at WLEM and somehow John Salter, the owner of both radio stations, got them together for three hours of reminiscing on Friday morning. Dave allowed me to participate and I was more than happy to tell a story about his father, Rich. 

Rich LaBrozzi is being inducted into the Hometown Mentors Sports Hall of Fame this year and I wanted to relate a story told to me by my dad about a game in which his alma mater, Johnsonburg, played against Emporium High School, led by Rich LaBrozzi.



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