From the Bleachers

with Rich Summers

I usually get this column done on Sunday, but this week I will attend my first Steeler game at Heinz Field and my second ever. Many years ago I went on an ill-fated bus trip to Rich Stadium to watch the Bills/Steelers game that may or may not have been tainted by an excessive amount of early day Bloody Marys. It was during the Jim Kelly years in Buffalo and the Bubby Brister years in Pittsburgh, so you can probably guess the outcome and the reason for the refreshments.
Sunday will be much better as I will be attending with my son, my niece and former Red Raider, Clarion Golden Eagle and current Allegheny College football coach Andrew Fragale. I really have to quit mentioning Fragale’s resume every time I mention him; as my son’s longtime friend, he probably laughs at me every time he reads it.
They really need to stagger these college football games; there is no need to put the Pitt and Penn State games on simultaneously every week. My remote is on the second set of batteries and we’re only halfway through the season.


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