From the Bleachers


with Rich Summers


Sometimes when viewing high school football it is easy to forget that the kids playing the game aren’t machines programmed to execute a plan. I was reminded of that on Saturday when Red Raider quarterback Adam Streich made an outstanding run for a touchdown and then beat the Port Allegany defense around the right corner for the two point conversion that tied the game with two minutes remaining. Did Streich celebrate with his teammates? No, in the grueling unseasonable heat of the afternoon he proceeded to anoint the Gator turf with his lunch, breakfast and any other item left in his stomach. And then he went right back out and threw a touchdown to Nick Peters in overtime.

By the way, Saturday afternoon football stinks. High School football should be played on Friday night, period. I guess Saturday night is acceptable, but my OCD self requires high school on Friday night, college on Saturday afternoon and pros on Sunday afternoon. 

IUP took down Slippery Rock on Saturday and although both were unbeaten and nationally ranked, this proud Rock alumnus was not surprised at the Crimson Hawks’ 34-17 win. IUP was ranked third in NCAA Division II and is a powerhouse this year, while the Rock was somewhat surprisingly ranked ninth despite returning just one starter on defense and not winning all that impressively in the first six games. The real question is whether SRU was impressive enough in the loss to warrant a playoff spot if they should win their final four games, in which they will be the favorite. 



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