From the Bleachers

by Rich Summers


As of this writing there are just twenty-two days, twelve hours, twenty-two minutes and twenty-eight seconds until pitchers and catchers report to Major League baseball spring training. Normally this makes the snow covered ground and sub-freezing temperatures more bearable for baseball fans like me. There was even a softball tournament at the Portage Township Recreation Complex this past Saturday despite several inches of snow still covering the field. Once MLB kicks off again, everyone will be on their feet, bets will be being placed, smiles will be had and disappointment will be shown, if you’re one to bet on your baseball team, you may want to have a look into these baseball betting tips and tricks.

But I am also a dyed in the wool Pittsburgh Pirate fan, which means that even though we can always be described as long-suffering, I have seen some glimmers of hope in recent seasons. Gerrit Cole, although not yet living up to his potential as a top-flight major league pitcher, is too young to be written off as an average pitcher. And Andrew McCutchen is a real life sports hero, someone every kid should be proud to emulate. He has been the cornerstone of the Bucs’ return to the playoffs and more importantly, relevancy in Major League baseball.


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