From the Bleachers


with Rich Summers


Some idle thoughts from watching the Winter Olympic Games. Hagen Kearney, a Bradford native, competed in snowboard cross and it reminded me of another local kid, Rich Bisso from right here in Prospect Park. Not only was Rich an outstanding basketball player at CCHS but became a member of the USA bobsled team, although I don’t know if he ever competed in the Olympics.

After watching American Emily Sweeny crash in the luge competition I can’t understand how anyone gets on those small sleds and speeds approaching eighty miles an hour. But the luge isn’t the craziest thing that goes on there. In the luge the athletes descend the track feet first but in the skeleton event they are loaded on the sled head first. There has to be an easier way to win a gold medal than barreling an ice track eighty miles an hour head first with your head six inches off the ground.



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