From the Bleachers


with RichSummers


The baseball and softball teams finally got on the field and with the change of the Port Allegany games to home games on Tuesday there were three days to spend at the Cameron County Little League. Although the weather on Tuesday was frigid, the Thursday and Friday games were played in spectacular conditions. Add to that the fact that both teams got two wins during the week and you have a very pleasant week at the diamonds.

Little League is still a week or two away from getting underway but we need to recognize what has gone on at the fields in the last couple of years. A lot of maintenance issues that have gone on in the past have been corrected and the place is looking sharp. Things like restrooms, changing rooms and the concession stand have all been cleaned up and repaired; the fencing and other field ancillary items are being updated. And the girls’ little league softball/minor league field is looking nice after an almost total makeover.

I also noticed while doing a bit of umpiring last year that the uniforms and equipment had been new and updated. The kids obviously appreciated it because they played hard and displayed good sportsmanship in the games I umpired and watched as a spectator. In general, the place has improved vastly from the quality of baseballs and uniforms to the amount of parents giving time to help. You can never have enough volunteers for sure, but there don’t seem to be as many holes to fill in the concession stand and in coaching as there were previously.



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