From the Bleachers


Labor Day weekend is always good for a sports fan with the start of college football, the ignition of hot MLB pennant races and the anticipation of the start of the NFL season next weekend. Throw in an unusual Saturday night at CCHS for Red Raider football and you have a full weekend.
Incidentally, the move of the Red Raider game from the traditional Friday night time slot to Saturday night was to accommodate the shrinking pool of PIAA officials. There are simply not enough guys to cover all the area games on the same evening.
I forgot to mention the FedEx Cup golf playoffs taking place this time of year. I’m not always a big fan of new graphics on televised sports but the line that tracks the flight of the ball on PGA telecasts, especially on drives, is a great addition.
It used to be cumbersome to watch the player hit his drive at the tee and then hurry up and switch to a different camera somewhere out in the fairway to find the landing spot. The tracking line allows a viewer to immediately see where the drive is headed and it is really entertaining for me as I am a fan who enjoys watching wayward shots into trees, hazards and deep rough.

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