Fuel On, Ambulance Assoc. Issue Joint Statement



The business owners of Fuel On and representatives of the Cameron County Ambulance Service met on September 22, 2017 to discuss the two recent incidents discussed on social media as well as published reports by local media organizations. It was decided at this meeting that a joint statement would be issued to address the on-going concerns between Fuel On, Cameron County Ambulance Service, and the community at large.

First, the Cameron County Ambulance Service was asked not to conduct paramedic intercepts at the Fuel On location as the owners had liability concerns surrounding the movement of patients from one vehicle to another. This concern was addressed through an explanation of what actually occurs during an intercept. During an intercept, the only transfer that occurs is the paramedic and applicable equipment. The patient remains in the ambulance for transport to the hospital. Following the explanation, Fuel On agreed that the practice of intercepts could continue on their premises.



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