Fuel On Owners Respond To Online Allegations



Social media is abuzz in the Emporium area following allegations lodged against the owners of the Fuel On convenience store on Emporium’s West End.

Owner Karen Singh stated that she believes much of the issue stems from miscommunication. Recently, an individual posted on social media that the owners told Cameron County Ambulance Service (CCAS) workers that they were no longer welcome on their property. She states that is untrue.

“A few weeks ago, we had to go out and ask the ambulance to move, as it had been parked overtop of the gas tanks for half an hour and we had a delivery coming,” said Karen. She found out later that transfers could not be performed in the parking lot due to insurance. While the Singh family owns the convenience store, they lease the lot from another individual, who also handles the insurance.

Karen stated that, at that time, she believed there was no issue. The ambulance worker she spoke with seemed understanding, and stated that transfers could be done at another location, and that the only criteria for a transfer location is that the ambulance is able to get all the way off the road


  1. Devin says:

    “Miscommunication ” my ass.

  2. blueduck says:

    theres a driveway that goes all around the store where delivering man could go

    • Radarhuff says:

      blueduck– if you actually read the article, Ambulance was parked over the fuel tanks, and they were expecting a fuel delivery..

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