‘God Bless Our Animals and Keep Them Safe’


This letter has to do with the one that was in the Echo from the Cameron Co. SPCA stating that most cats do not need to be taken indoors during our terrible freezes because they are feral. Isn’t that amazing, when all other animal shelters in all areas, on all news stations, and on all TV programs were giving alerts to please try to give indoor coverage to all animals and do not let any out for more than 20 minutes.

Most of all, stray animals in Cameron Co. have either been dropped off, abused, starved, etc., but it does not mean they are feral. Yes, they act like that because they are so afraid, but after a bit of good care they become much better. To guess on that and leave them in a freeze is showing no animal care. The news showed even animal shelters that were full took 65 to 70 more in because of the freeze and asked for others to help the same way. The so-called animal caregivers are making excuses not to help by saying everything is feral.


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