Once Again Gold Fever Takes Over Dents Run



by Bruce Whitman

Gold fever has once again broken out in the remote mountainous forest lands of Elk and Cameron counties.

WJAC-TV of Johnstown fired up a renewal of a 155-year-old legend of lost gold last week when it reported federal and state agency representatives and a treasure hunter were conducting activities in Dents Run.

Dents Run is located a dozen miles west of Driftwood along Route 555 and marks the border between Elk and Cameron counties.

According to legend, a U.S. Government shipment of gold bars was lost in the area when the detail of federal soldiers guarding it was attacked. All but one member of the party was killed and the gold, if indeed there was ever any, was never seen again.

This tale of what might best be known as “fool’s gold” dates back to the Civil War era at about the time of the Battle of Gettysburg.




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