Hurray! Hurray! It’s Opening Day!



Upcoming this Saturday will be the end and the beginning of the season which never ends. It’ll be marked by celebrating its second opening day for the same species over two separate consecutive weekends. If that seems confusing, ask an outdoor writer to explain it; if you can find one. Even after all the grand complaining done through the eons, apparently, some will be in mourning because they will NOT have to pay more for a fishing license this year (they should explain that, too).

Hey, welcome to Pennsylvania where you’ve got a friend who invents problems to create solutions and the license buyers almost matter to those paid to look out for them. To be fair, some of them are consistent; there isn’t a cost hike or new regulation they don’t like unless it involves deer. For those of you willing to brave risking a day fishing while not paying as much as you could have, I salute you.

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