January Real Estate Transactions



Cameron County secured real estate transactions for January:

Richard M. Kamats conveyed property in Shippen Township to Ted L. Walters for $500.

James D. Teats; Grove Township; James E. Teats; $1.00.

Miller’s Evangelistic Association; Emporium Borough; Gregory Magaro; $1.00.

Mark S. Wickett; Lumber Township; Mark S. Wickett; $1.00.

Heartwood Forestland Fund II Limited Partnership; Shippen Township; Lyme Allegheny Company LLC; $10.

Heartwood Forestland Fund III Limited Partnership; Shippen Township; Lyme Emporium Highlands I LLC; $10.

Tax Claim Bureau of Cameron County; Emporium Borough; Northern Tier Community Action Corporation; $1.00.


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