Liming Made Easy


by William Crisp


Back in 1993, I wrote a book on growing food plots called “Backyard Bucks” or something like that; I think there was another adjective in it but I’m not sure. You see I’m not familiar with my own title because while I wrote it, I never submitted the book for publishing. 

Now the material is lost on an obsolete floppy disk that can’t be opened on any modern self-respecting computer. Ironically, I didn’t believe anyone would buy it because I thought hunters wouldn’t be interested in small food plots. That was before the explosion of the food plot industry, Mossy Oak, Quality Deer Management, small farm food plot equipment, etc., etc., etc., basically a billion dollar industry that is now flooded with ”how to” food plot books. 

What can I say? I’m a writer not a fortune teller.



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