It’s the ‘Little Things’ That Come With A Fire



It’s just hours since you’ve lost your home to a fire. The initial shock is starting to wear off and now the grim reality of total loss is starting to set in.

Insurance will cover the structure and most of its contents.

It’s the little things that are gone that start to add up.

Things like medications, eye glasses, prosthetics, your wallet or purse containing drivers license, credit cards, and other identification have been lost to fire, smoke and water damage.

Medications are an immediate need, especially if they’re for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and other critical medical issues.

Banking records, bank and credit cards must be replaced. Monthly bills have gone up in smoke.

Then there are the personal items like address books with records of family, friends and business contacts. Photographs are lost forever.

You’re lucky to have the clothes on your back.

Most of the things you take for granted in every day life have vanished.



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