Local Unemployment Reported at 6.7%



The unemployment rate for September is down slightly from the previous month for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, dropping to 4.8%.

This month’s unemployment rate dropped by one-tenth of a percentage point, with employers across the state adding about 10,300 non-farm jobs throughout the month. Total new hires were listed at 26,580. Initial unemployment claims were also down by about 1,730.

Over the past year, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen by -0.7%.

A new report has been released detailing 2016 employment in Pennsylvania. Over the year 2016, employment increased by 0.6%, or 35,000 jobs. Employment across the United States increased by 11.7% during that same period. “In 2016, Pennsylvania’s employment hit a new record high, surpassing the previous annual high in 2008, while the country set its third consecutive record high,” according to the release by the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.


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