‘Memoirs of West Ward Elementary School’


I so enjoy Kent Riegel’s Trivia column, as he brings to mind, for me, precious memories of Emporium.

In his March 14th column he poses a question regarding who the teachers were at West Ward Elementary. I can proudly say that I remember them well. During my years in the first, second, and third grade, my parents were divorced. I lived with my dad and grandparents on Broad Street. My dad said that I seemed to fall in love with each of my teachers at that time, perhaps looking to them as “mother” figures. In first grade it was Mrs. King. I remember this kind lady with white hair. She wore it in an upsweep – that is what they called that hairstyle back then. Mrs. Lyons was the second grade teacher, and Mrs. Miller was the third grade teacher. I don’t remember a lot of descriptive things about them, but I do know the warm feelings that conjure up inside of me when I think of them, which is meaningful in itself!


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