Ned’s Mercs and the Bank Beavers



A long time ago, while working for the Game Commission’s habitat crew under land manager, Ned Weston, we were assigned to help Ned remove some nuisance beavers from a stream. As is their habit, the beavers had domiciled high up on a relatively rural trout steam. The problem was that the beavers insisted they build in such a way as to interfere with a water intake for a company way downstream.

Ned, a renowned trapper as well as a land manager, was called in to resolve the situation with extreme prejudice in favor of the company. I was not being paid but was there as a mercenary for the great beaver war…also, Ned baited me with the incentive of possibly meeting Jack Lambert, the middle linebacker for the Steelers who spent his retirement years as a Game Deputy.

So, off we went on an early weekend morning, to attack beavers with a Steeler; to think I was still wondering if it would be interesting…

When we got there, I really had no idea how to proceed. So, I looked for Mr. Lambert; he wasn’t there so it appeared I was going to have to tackle beavers for free and without the linebacker support I was counting on. While I was busy coming to terms with that added pressure, Ned took off like a shot.  He swam across the huge beaver pond and started climbing a pyramid sized beaver hut. The hut was easily twenty feet high. I was shocked by such a frontal assault on the hut and wondered, “What does one do on top of a beaver hut?”



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