Nihilistic Solutions


by William Crisp


Yet another politically advantageous, at the best time for anti-gun activists, shooting occurred last week. An unprecedented streak of convenience in favor of its agenda has followed the Brady campaign since its inception. Another lunatic has attacked innocents yet again in a place where they can be least defended.

What can be done? “What law should be passed to prevent this from ever happening again?” I didn’t ask that, myself, the question may have been posed by an illegal drug user saved by Narcan several times but not arrested for use of narcotics after collecting his welfare check on the way back from a rally supporting the right of illegal, undocumented aliens’ right to vote in the United States.

Yes, what law can be passed? The very supporters of the notion that it can be done are living proof that their idea is not the answer.


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  1. Sandra Crisp says:

    Well done son, I love you.

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